Crosstable So Far

Posted: 06/11/2013 by Ian in Club News

With two rounds to go in our minitournament the lead is share equally by Michael and Stefan. Dont miss out on the final two rounds. The crosstable is appended below.

1 Michael  Freeman 6.0 +B15 +W12 +B8 +B3 +W6 +W4
2 Stefan  Wagner 6.0 +W5 -B14 +W17 -B6 +W11 +B3 +B7 +W4
3 Daniel  Davis 5.0 +B16 +W6 +B4 -W1 -B8 -W2 +B11 +W9
4 Murray  Tuatini 5.0 +B18 +W11 -W3 +B10 +W13 -B1 +W8 -B2
5 Graham  Nolan 5.0 -B2 -W7 -B9 +B17 +W18 +W19 +B15 +B8
6 Matt  Crombie 4.5 +W20 -B3 +B11 +W2 -B1 =W7 -B9 +W13
7 Richard  Jackson 4.5 -W14 +B5 +W13 -W8 +B9 =B6 -W2 +W12
8 William  Lynn 4.0 +B9 +W15 -W1 +B7 +W3 -B10 -B4 -W5
9 Ian  Kennedy 4.0 -W8 -B10 +W5 +B21 -W7 +B13 +W6 -B3
10 Sivoram  Manoharan 4.0 -B11 +W9 +B12 -W4 +B15 +W8
11 Gary  Judkins 4.0 +W10 -B4 -W6 +W12 -B2 +B18 -W3 +W15
12 Adam  Hasan-Stein 3.0 +W13 -B1 -W10 -B11 -B19 +W21 +W17 -B7
13 Joel  Crombie 3.0 -B12 +W18 -B7 +W15 -B4 -W9 +B19 -B6
14 Eddie  Tan 2.0 +B7 +W2
15 Darius  Hasan-Stein 2.0 -W1 -B8 +W21 -B13 -W10 +B17 -W5 -B11
16 Mike  Absolam 2.0 -W3 -B20 +BYE +W18
17 Finlay Buckel 2.0 -B2 -W5 +B21 -W15 -B12 +B18
18 Elijah  Dewit 2.0 -W4 -B13 +W19 -B16 -B5 -W11 +B21 -W17
19 Sam Kim 2.0 -B18 +BYE +W12 -B5 -W13 -W21
20 Brandon  Cuellar 1.0 -B6 +W16
21 Josh Posa 1.0 -B15 -W9 -W17 -B12 -W18 +B19

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