There are fantastic reasons why YOU should become a member of our friendly chess club.  This means:

  • You will have free access to the Hamilton Chess Centre on club nights
  • You will receive reduced entry fees for events conducted by the Hamilton Chess Club – a saving to you of at least $5 per tournament!
  • You can improve your chess skills.
  • You will get a club rating that you can use as an incentive to advance
  • Your membership allows the club to provide resources and willing people to run local events – without this, the club would not exist.

Please read this page  and register your interest, or just come along on a Tuesday night to try us out – the first 2 nights are FREE so you can see for yourself how friendly and welcoming we are.

You dont have to be a champ to join although we are not really suitable for raw beginners. I think we suit anyone with over a minimum of two years casual chess background. If you are unsure if you are up to membership check this page.

We meet each Tuesday night during school terms from 7pm to 9:30 pm atclassroom E2, Hamilton Boys High School (see this page for a map and directions), where you can enjoy either casual chess or participate in a range of optional activities such as club championship, rapid and blitz chess tournaments and other events


Adult fees The annual fees are $40, or six-monthly fees are $25.
Your membership expires 6 or 12 months from when you join.
Junior fees Junior fees apply if you are under 18 years of age.
The annual fees are $20, or six-monthly fees are $15.
Your membership expires 6 or 12 months from when you join.

Your subs can be paid in cash on club nights or by bank transfer into the club account. The account number is:
12-3454-0017302-00          (Reference — “Subs” & your name)
If you are already a member you can find out when your current subs expire by looking here

  1. Besay Joe says:

    My sons is interested in joining this chess club,
    When is the next best time for him to come and check to see if this is something he would want to do.


    I would like to join the chess club. I am a beginner in Chess and have a rapid rating of 850 in

  3. Belinda Banks says:

    Hi there, My 14 year old son is interested in coming along for some games.

  4. Eng Sek says:

    Good afternoon,
    I, Eng Sek, would like to be a chess club member. I think i am an intermediate or upper intermediate player. Please kindly advise if there is any procedure to be a member.

    Sincerely yours,
    Eng Sek

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