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Club Recess For Two Weeks

Posted: 27/09/2017 by Ian in Club News

The club is in recess now for the school holidays. We resume October 16th with round three of the graded robin. This is a members only tournament, although guests can come along and watch.


Graded Robin At Round 2

Posted: 27/09/2017 by Ian in Club News

Following some technical glitches we eventually got underway. The longer time control and evenly matched players made for some tense and exciting games going right down to the wire. Point totals after two rounds are below. Crosstables so far and the draw for the entire tournament is located here.  Round 3 resumes after the holiday break on 16 October


Division A  
Richard Dare 2.0
Milton Severinsen 2.0
Prahant Mistry 1.0
Hilton Bennett 0.5
William Lynn 0.5
Graham Nolan 0.0
Division B
Eushin Kang 1.5
Ian Kennedy 1.5
Gary Judkins 1.0
Alex Treat 1.0
Murray Tuatini 1.0
Shilong Yang 0.0
Division C
Sean Clark 2.0
Kevin Li 2.0
Nathanial Loy 1.0
Karan Singh 1.0
Joel Crombie 1.0
Rowan Lightfoot 1.0
Ryan Farrell 0.0

Graded Robin Starts Next Week

Posted: 20/09/2017 by Ian in Club News

The programme for the next five weeks is set out below. On 25 September  we will kick off the  graded round robin tournament. There will be three  divisions depending on numbers: An A and B grade consisting on groups of six players based on club ranking. There will also be a C grade that will be a five round Swiss style tournament. Time control is 25 + 5. There will be two games this week and again after the school holidays, with the fifth and final game 23/10/17. Please players will need to commit to being there on each of the three nights to take part. This is a members only event. See you there.

25 September Graded Round Robin Rounds 1, 2
2 October Holiday —  Recess
9 October Holiday —  Recess
16 October Graded Round Robin Rounds 3, 4
23 October Graded Round Robin Round 5, followed by AGM

Blitz (2): 6-0 To Prashant

Posted: 20/09/2017 by Ian in Club News
1 Prashant Mistry 6.0 +W10 +B9 +W3 +B4 +W2 +B8
2 Richard Dare 5.0 +B13 +W6 +B8 +W5 -B1 +W3
3 Graham Nolan 4.0 +B12 +W16 -B1 +W6 +B7 -B2
4 Ian Kennedy 4.0 +B19 +W15 +B11 -W1 +B8 -W6
5 Richard Jackson 4.0 -W7 +B14 +W17 -B2 +W10 +B9
6 Murray Tuatini 4.0 +W17 -B2 +W18 -B3 +W15 +B4
7 Shilong Yang 4.0 +B5 -W8 +B13 +W16 -W3 +B12
8 Milton Severinsen 3.0 +W14 +B7 -W2 +B15 -W4 -W1
9 William Crombie 3.0 +B18 -W1 -B16 +W19 +B11 -W5
10 Karan Singh 3.0 -B1 +W19 -B15 +W18 -B5 +W16
11 Christopher Symon 3.0 -B16 +W12 -W4 +B17 -W9 +B15
12 Rowan Lightfoot 2.5 -W3 -B11 =W14 +BYE +B16 -W7
13 Nathanial Loy 2.5 -W2 -B17 -W7 +B14 =B18 +BYE
14 Ryan Farrell 2.5 -B8 -W5 =B12 -W13 +BYE +B17
15 Jeff Xiang 2.0 +BYE -B4 +W10 -W8 -B6 -W11
16 Kevin Li 2.0 +W11 -B3 +W9 -B7 -W12 -B10
17 Jarvis Xiang 2.0 -B6 +W13 -B5 -W11 +B19 -W14
18 Joel Crombie 2.0 -W9 +BYE -B6 -B10 =W13 =B19
19 Sean Clark 1.5 -W4 -B10 +BYE -B9 -W17 =W18

Casual Blitz (1)

Posted: 12/09/2017 by Ian in Club News

Casual blitz 6-0 to Richard. Same time controls next week. Guests welcome.

1 Richard Dare 6.0 +B17 +W4 +B6 +W2 +B3 +W5
2 Graham Nolan 5.0 +B23 +W5 +B8 -B1 +W4 +W3
3 William Lynn 4.0 +B9 +W22 +B7 +W6 -W1 -B2
4 Richard Jackson 4.0 +B21 -B1 +W15 +W10 -B2 +W7
5 Gary Judkins 4.0 +W16 -B2 +W9 +B17 +W11 -B1
6 Milton Severinsen 4.0 +W15 +B12 -W1 -B3 +W17 +B13
7 Prashant Mistry 4.0 +W14 +B11 -W3 +B12 +W8 -B4
8 Christopher Symon 4.0 +W18 +B20 -W2 +B11 -B7 +W10
9 Rowan Lightfoot 3.0 -W3 +W13 -B5 +B22 +W12 -B14
10 Ruchira Silva 3.0 -W20 +B18 +W16 -B4 +W14 -B8
11 Ian Kennedy 3.0 +B19 -W7 +B22 -W8 -B5 +W18
12 William Crombie 3.0 +B24 -W6 +B19 -W7 -B9 +W20
13 Murray Tuatini 3.0 -W22 -B9 +W18 +B16 +W20 -W6
14 Alex Treat 3.0 -B7 -W19 +B24 +W21 -B10 +W9
15 Karan Singh 3.0 -B6 +W24 -B4 +W19 -B18 +W17
16 Shilong Yang 3.0 -B5 +W23 -B10 -W13 +B19 +W22
17 Nathanial Loy 2.0 -W1 +B21 +W20 -W5 -B6 -B15
18 Ryan Farrell 2.0 -B8 -W10 -B13 +W24 +W15 -B11
19 Sean Clark 2.0 -W11 +B14 -W12 -B15 -W16 +W23
20 Lasen Silva 2.0 +B10 -W8 -B17 +W23 -B13 -B12
21 Kevin Li 2.0 -W4 -W17 +B23 -B14 +BYE
22 Joel Crombie 1.0 +B13 -B3 -W11 -W9 -BYE -B16
23 Dulina Haegoda 1.0 -W2 -B16 -W21 -B20 +W24 -B19
24 Dhushar Chatergee 1.0 -W12 -B15 -W14 -B18 -B23 +BYE


BeanstalkContinuing the recent surge in membership the club welcomes Dulina Haegoda as its newest member.

Rowan Lightfoot Newest Member

Posted: 06/09/2017 by Ian in Club News

BeanstalkMembership keeps on growing with Rowan Lightfoot the clubs newest member. Welcome Rowan.

Blitz Next 2 Weeks — Guests Welcome

Posted: 06/09/2017 by Ian in Club News

We will have six rapid fire games at time control 5 minutes plus 3 seconds per move each of the next 2 weeks, September 12 and 19. Prospective members welcome. Dont be late

Prashant had a clean sweep with 6 winters in the Winter (2) tournament, picks up some club rating points, and goes to the top of the club ladder in the process.

1 Prashant_Mistry 6.0 +B13 +W9 +B3 +W5 +W2 +B4
2 Richard_Dare 5.0 +B10 +W14 +B5 +W6 -B1 +W3
3 Milton_Severinsen 4.0 +W17 +B4 -W1 +B14 +W10 -B2
4 Richard_Jackson 4.0 +B18 -W3 +B19 +W8 +B6 -W1
5 William_Lynn 4.0 +W11 +B12 -W2 -B1 +W13 +B9
6 Eushin_Kang 4.0 +B7 +W21 +B14 -B2 -W4 +W10
7 Alex_Treat 3.5 -W6 -W15 +B18 +B16 =W8 +BYE
8 Ian_Kennedy 3.5 -W12 +B16 +W13 -B4 =B7 +W17
9 Gary_Judkins 3.0 +W20 -B1 +W11 -B10 +B12 -W5
10 Ruchira_Silva 3.0 -W2 +B20 +W16 +W9 -B3 -B6
11 Nathanial_Loy 3.0 -B5 +W18 -B9 -B13 +W14 +B16
12 Shilong_Yang 2.5 +B8 -W5 -B15 +B17 -W9 =W18
13 Kevin_Li 2.0 -W1 +B22 -B8 +W11 -B5
14 Murray_Tuatini 2.0 +B19 -B2 -W6 -W3 -B11 +W22
15 William_Crombie 2.0 -W16 +B7 +W12 -BYE
16 Cooper_Quinn 2.0 +B15 -W8 -B10 -W7 +B22 -W11
17 Sean_Clark 2.0 -B3 -W19 +B21 -W12 +W18 -B8
18 Lasen_Silva 1.5 -W4 -B11 -W7 +W22 -B17 =B12
19 Jarvis_Xiang 1.0 -W14 +B17 -W4 -BYE
20 Joel_Crombie 1.0 -B9 -W10 +B22 -BYE
21 Jeff_Xiang 1.0 +W22 -B6 -W17 -BYE
22 Dulina_Haegoda 0.0 -B21 -W13 -W20 -B18 -W16 -B14


William Takes National Title

Posted: 04/09/2017 by Ian in Club News

WLynnChampionWilliam Lynn continued his long run of success at senior National Level taking out the title of New Zealand Veteran Champion. Congratulations William. Full tournament results are available here