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Club In Recess For The Summer

Posted: 05/12/2018 by Ian in Club News

images-1The club is in recess now for the summer. We will resume on Tuesday February 12th. A 2019 calendar will be posted shortly.


Nine Rounds of 5-0 to finish off the year. Richard wins as usual

1 Richard  Dare 9.0 +W11 +B13 +W2 +B4 +W3 +W5 +B10 +B6 +W7
2 Rowan  Lightfoot 7.0 +B10 +W12 -B1 +W8 +B11 +W4 -B3 +W5 +B13
3 Michael  Lin 7.0 +W15 +B18 -B4 +W6 -B1 +W11 +W2 +B9 +W12
4 Graham  Nolan 6.0 +W14 +B8 +W3 -W1 +B5 -B2 -W7 +W10 +B11
5 Max  Stephens 5.0 -B8 +W6 +B10 +W7 -W4 -B1 +W12 -B2 +W16
6 Roger 5.0 +W9 -B5 +W13 -B3 -B7 +W18 +B8 -W1 +B14
7 Ian  Kennedy 5.0 -B12 +W14 +B18 -B5 +W6 -W10 +B4 +W11 -B1
8 Cam  Sundararaj 5.0 +W5 -W4 +B16 -B2 +W14 -B9 -W6 +B15 +W17
9 Gary  Judkins 5.0 -B6 -W10 +B17 -W12 +B16 +W8 +B13 -W3 +B18
10 Nathanial  Loy 4.0 -W2 +B9 -W5 +B13 +W12 +B7 -W1 -B4 -W15
11 Richard  Jackson 4.0 -B1 +W17 +B12 +W16 -W2 -B3 +W15 -B7 -W4
12 Kevin  Li 4.0 +W7 -B2 -W11 +B9 -B10 +W14 -B5 +W18 -B3
13 Paul  Dalley 4.0 +BYE -W1 -B6 -W10 +B17 +B15 -W9 +B16 -W2
14 Murray  Tuatini 3.0 -B4 -B7 +W15 +W18 -B8 -B12 -W16 +B17 -W6
15 Udula  Bandara 3.0 -B3 -W16 -B14 +W17 +B18 -W13 -B11 -W8 +B10
16 Talmage  Scirkovich 2.0 -W18 +B15 -W8 -B11 -W9 -B17 +B14 -W13 -B5
17 Andy  Song 2.0 -B19 -B11 -W9 -B15 -W13 +W16 +B18 -W14 -B8
18 Shan  Sundararaj 1.0 +B16 -W3 -W7 -B14 -W15 -B6 -W17 -B12 -W9
19 William  Lynn 1.0 +W17