Event 1 2012 results

Well we ended up with 24 keen chess players on a perfect Waikato day doing battle over the board. Daniel Gong shot out of the blocks winning 5 in a row and looked unstoppable. Max Ross, from Mercury Bay, pegged him back in round 6 and so he looked a potential winner. He in turn lost to Lillian Dare in the last round, so Lillian and Daniel shared the top honours on the day. The day was played in great spirits and good humour. Other age prizes are listed in the cross table below. All up, 12 people came away with some prize money – a 50% score.

The next Rookies Shield is on the June 24.

ID NAME Rtg T Fed Pts 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 Daniel Gong 1260 =1st U10 6.0 +W18 +B16 +W5 +W6 +B4 -B3 +W8
2 Lillian DARE 1256 =1st A 6.0 +B20 +W8 -B4 +W14 +B7 +W15 +W3
3 Max ROSS 400 A 5.5 +B21 =W4 +B10 +W9 +B6 +W1 -B2
4 Ramesh Krishnamachar 1000 A 5.5 +W17 =B3 +W2 +B5 -W1 +W8 +B9
5 David CHEN 1370 A 5.0 +B14 +W10 -B1 -W4 +B13 +W7 +B6
6 Joy Shu-yan QIN 1308 =1st U16 4.0 +W13 +B12 +W9 -B1 -W3 +B10 -W5
7 Michael METHAM 880 A 4.0 +W11 -B9 +W13 +B16 -W2 -B5 +W17
8 Arul GAUNDAR 713 =1st U12 4.0 +W19 -B2 +W17 +B12 +W16 -B4 -B1
9 Christopher SYMON 1266 =1st U16 4.0 +B15 +W7 -B6 -B3 +W21 +B11 -W4
10 Nicole Shu-yu QIN 915 1st U10 4.0 +B23 -B5 -W3 +W20 +B14 -W6 +B15
11 Maimoena HULSHOF 100 =1st U12 4.0 -B7 +W15 -B14 +W18 +B20 -W9 +W16
12 Aaron Wang 724 1st U8 4.0 +B22 -W6 +B18 -W8 -B15 +W13 +B14
13 Arav GAUNDAR 427 U8 3.0 -B6 +W22 -B7 +W23 -W5 -B12 +B20
14 Matthew STEED 500 A 3.0 -W5 +B23 +W11 -B2 -W10 +B21 -W12
15 Aaron TAYLOR 300 U12 3.0 -W9 -B11 +W19 +B17 +W12 -B2 -W10
16 Luxman JEYARAJAH 500 U14 3.0 +B24 -W1 +B20 -W7 -B8 +W18 -B11
17 Jake TEACY 100 =2nd U10 3.0 -B4 +W21 -B8 -W15 +B23 +W22 -B7
18 Anusha GAUNDAR 274 =2nd U10 3.0 -B1 +W24 -W12 -B11 +W19 -B16 +W21
19 Timothy BROWN-DOUGLA 100 =2nd U10 3.0 -B8 -W20 -B15 +W22 -B18 +W23 +B24
20 Floyd ROSS 100 U10 2.0 -W2 +B19 -W16 -B10 -W11 +B24 -W13
21 Zamiena HULSHOF 100 best girl U10 2.0 -W3 -B17 +B22 +W24 -B9 -W14 -B18
22 Sebastian ROSS 100 U8 2.0 -W12 -B13 -W21 -B19 +W24 -B17 +B23
23 Leo SCOTT-DAVIES 100 U10 1.0 -W10 -W14 +B24 -B13 -W17 -B19 -W22
24 Woody TEACY 100 U10 0.0 -W16 -B18 -W23 -B21 -B22 -W20 -W19

Some pictures:


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