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Six Rounds Of 5 + 3 Next Week.

Posted: 27/02/2013 by Ian in Club News

blitzA one night blitz tournament of six rounds next week. If we can attract 20 again as we did this week it will be a great night. Games start 7:20 sharp so dont be late.


We are pleased to announce that the Club has successfully bid for the North Island Rapid Champs for 2013. Dates and details to follow. The event will attract a strong field and will be a do-not-miss opportunity for club members (who will receive concessional entry rates).

Subscriptions Payable By Bank Transfer

Posted: 27/02/2013 by Ian in Club News

CoinsYour subs can be paid in cash on club nights or by bank transfer into the club account. The account number is:

12-3454-0017302-00          (Reference — “Subs” & your name)

Subscriptions have been reduced for this year —  $40 for adults and $20 for juniors. Remember that club members get concessional entry rates for our major tournaments also. You can find out when your current subs expire by looking here

Autumn Cup Down To The Wire

Posted: 27/02/2013 by Ian in Club News

AutumnWe had 20 competitors for the Autumn Cup last night. Going in to the final round Eddie was half a point up on Hilton and the two faced each other off in the final round. The struggle was tense and very even. With less than a minute on the clock for both, Eddie queened his passed pawn first  — but then Hilton was able to Queen on the next move with a check. Eddies king was on the same file as his new queen and he had to concede defeat. Hilton takes out the title of Autumn Cup champion 2013 on 5 points. Eddie came second with 4.5. As a new member of the club he is clearly going to be a force. There followed a four way tie for third. Pleasing to see Sirivan, a new Junior member, amongst those tied for third place — indeed on tie break score he was the strongest of  those taking third place so well done. Unfortunately I forgot to bring the USB stick home so you will need to wait until next week to view the entire crosstable.

Seventeen For Autumn Cup; Eddie Leads

Posted: 20/02/2013 by Ian in Club News

AutumnWe had an excellent turnout with 17 players in the Autumn Cup last night. Welcome to Damian Eades who has come to us from Tauranga. Damian is a strong player and will be a valuable addition to the club. Currently Eddie is leading on 3.5 points.

The final two rounds are next week and the draw is going to produce some tough fought games so dont miss out — and yes, you can still come along and join the tournament at this late stage. Games start 7:20 sharp. The crosstable is here

Great Start Start For Autumn Cup

Posted: 13/02/2013 by Ian in Club News

AutumnWe had a great start for the Autumn Cup last night with 14 players turning out. Welcome to Sirivan who at 13 years of age gave a couple of the older players a tough game — he looks to be a great addition to the club. The upset of the night was Christopher Symon taking a game off Hilton. In club terms we might consider this the first of his GM norms. Christopher is clearly growing in strength and might get his second club GM norm in the club champs later in the year! Well done. Unfortunately I didnt copy the folders to my USB stick so cant post the crosstable this week.

It is not too late to turn out for the tournament next week if you missed this Tuesday — extra players welcome

Autumn Cup Next Week

Posted: 06/02/2013 by Ian in Club News

AutumnTo start the years calendar we are going to have 6 rounds of 20 + 5, 2 rounds per night, over 3 weeks beginning from next week. Games need to be underway by 7:20 pm to meet our 9:30 close, so dont be late.

3 + 2 Blitz To Start The Year

Posted: 06/02/2013 by Ian in Club News

We had 15 returning members for the first night of the year. We also welcome Eddie Tan. Eddie has emigrated from the UK and attended as a prospective new member. The year kicked off with a favourite of Richard — 3 + 2 blitz, in a tournament of eight rounds. Hilton missed round one but still managed to come out on top with a score of 7. Crosstable is below

1 Hilton 7.0 +BYE +B11 +W7 +W3 +B4 +W2 +B5
2= William 5.5 +BYE +B13 +W6 +B3 -W4 =W7 -B1 +W10
James 5.5 +B14 +W12 +B4 -W2 -B1 +B6 =W5 +W7
4= Stefan 5.0 +W15 +B10 -W3 +B5 +B2 -W1 -B7 +W8
Richard 5.0 +B7 +W14 +B12 -W4 +B9 =W11 =B3 -W1
6 Christopher 4.5 +B9 =W7 -B2 +W12 +B11 -W3 -W8 +B13
7= Daniel Ng 4.0 -W5 =B6 +W13 -B1 +W10 =B2 +W4 -B3
Grace 4.0 +W9 -B14 -W11 +B12 +W15 +B6 -B4
Ian 4.0 -W6 -B8 +W15 +B13 -W5 +B14 -B10 +BYE
Gary 4.0 -B12 -W4 +BYE +W14 -B7 +B13 +W9 -B2
11 Murray 3.5 -W13 +B15 -W1 +B8 -W6 =B5 -W12 +B14
12= Benjamin 3.0 +W10 -B3 -W5 -B6 -W8 +BYE +B11 -W15
Daniel Davis 3.0 +B11 -W2 -B7 -W9 +B15 -W10 +BYE -W6
14= Craig 2.5 -W3 -B5 +W8 -B10 +BYE -W9 =B15 -W11
Emmy 2.5 -B4 -W11 -B9 +BYE -W13 -B8 =W14 +B12

Membership Subscription Reduced

Posted: 06/02/2013 by Ian in Club News

Good news! Membership dues for 2013 have been set at $40 for adults and $20 for juniors. Remember that club members get concessional entry rates for our major tournaments also.