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Blitz Next Week

Posted: 27/08/2013 by Ian in Club News

blitzWe will have a one night blitz tournament next week with a novel format. Come along and find out. All welcome, and visitors especially welcome. Dont be late as the first game kicks off at 7:20 pm

And The Winner Is ….

Posted: 27/08/2013 by Ian in Club News

medalIn the A division of the club rapid tonight we played round 7, and catch up games left over from earlier rounds. Asheesh improved his score by 1.5, managing a draw with Eddie and a win against Graham. Eddie took his split the point with Asheesh, and then in the last game of the tournament managed another draw against Hilton. Final standings were First: Eddie 5, Second: Hilton 4.5, and Third: Asheesh 3.5. In the B division the final standings were Daniel on 6, Richard on 5, and Ian on 4. Crosstables and club ratings have been updated, as has the role of honour.

AGM After Next Week’s Games

Posted: 21/08/2013 by Ian in Club News

We will have a brief AGM after the games next week. Basically we need to present a financial report, elect office bearers, and examine any motions from the floor. In addition there will be a presentation of awards. The encumbent elected officers have indicated a willingness to retain their current roles for a further 12 months if endorsed by the membership.

We had round 6 last night. In the A division Eddie and Hilton are tied on 4 points each. We have some catch up games to play however, which means that the ultimate winner is as yet far from clear. Hilton and Eddie have a catch up game left over from round 2, with Asheesh and Graham needing to make up their missed game from round 6. In order to accommodate the round 7 games, and the catch up games, the time control will be 20 + 0 with a prompt start at 7:15. So the draw for the A division next week looks like this (note that Michael has said he can not make it next week, so Sivoram will take a point for the bye).

Round 7 Catch Ups


In the B division Daniel goes in to round 7 with a 1 point lead and looks likely to take out first place.

BinocularsIf you have been thinking about coming along for a look then September 3 at 7pm is your best bet. August 27 is the last night for the serious chess of the club rapid champs. After that we will revert back to something a little less formal with a series of quick fire games. Games will kick off shortly after 7, so dont be late if you want to take part in the mini tournament. New members are always welcome.

Quote Of The Day

Posted: 18/08/2013 by Ian in Club News

“…whenever you have to make a rook move and both rooks are available for said move – you should evaluate which rook to move and, once you have made up your mind… MOVE THE OTHER ONE!!!”


The World Chess Championship 2013 will be a match between the World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand (winner of the World Chess Championship 2012) and Magnus Carlsen, to determine the 2013 World Chess Champion.  It will be held from 6 to 26 November 2013 in Chennai, India. Prior to the match, from 2005 to  June 2013, Anand and Carlsen played 29 games against each other at classical time controls, out of which Anand won six, Carlsen won three, and twenty were drawn. Hopefully the increased chess exposure that the match will bring will mean more members for the club.