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Virtual Swiss This Week

Posted: 30/08/2020 by Ian in Club News

We will have a virtual Swiss over the next three weeks, two games per week at time control 20+ 0. If you don’t know how to join contact Andrew (see below). Please don’t join if you know you cant commit to the three weeks. Be in the waiting room at 7:20. Kickoff is 7:30


Inaugural Virtual Blitz To Prashanth

Posted: 25/08/2020 by Ian in Club News

Thirteen players for our first virtual tournament. Cross table below. First blood to Prashanth

Club nights will resume this Tuesday 25th August in virtual format. We will start with a six round swiss on the Lichess server. Time control will be 5 + 3 with one minute between rounds. Start time is 7:30 so be in the waiting room by 7:25. If you dont have a Lichess username or account go and sign up now for free (maybe you could use your initials so other club members know who they are playing). Andrew Malcouronne is Director Of Play so you need to email him to become part of the HCC Lichess user group. If you are not already member of the group then email  Andrew (see below). Assuming things go smoothly we will run some more traditional club events (like 20 + 0, 3 games per night over 2 nights, etc) starting from next week.