Who We Are

We are a group of chess enthusiasts that are growing in number. The Hamilton Chess club operates as an incorporated society, with a code of ethics, a constitution and a privacy policy. See here for membership information. We help organise chess events in and around Hamilton in the Waikato. Some of our members compete further afield in school events, in half-day or weekend-long tournaments (see events for details). You dont have to be a champ to join although we are not really suitable for raw beginners. Minimum age for new members is 12. Members under the age of 14 need to have a parent or gaurdian on site on club nights. You can also find us on Facebook. We meet in classroom E2, Hamilton Boys High School from 7 pm to 9.30 pm., every Tuesday of school term from February through to the start of December (check our calendar to see when the school holiday breaks are, and to see what events we are running). To find the venue, enter HBHS from Argyle St (off Te Aroha St) and pass Argyle House (the boarding house) and the workshop on the right. Turn right just before the first block of classrooms and park at the flower boxes. We meet in the double storey classroom block closest to where you have parked. E2 is the middle classroom on the ground floor (the red star on the map below). Do not park beyond (or behind) the E block as they sometimes raise the security bars in the driveway and you won’t be able to get out.

Please remember: Minimum age for new members is 12

Proof of date of birth may be requested.

Also: Smoking is not permitted on the school grounds — smoking will lead to termination of membership.

Song, Andrew Junior07/11/2018
Tan, Eddie 31/03/2018
Singh, Karan Junior31/03/2018

Membership Fees Paid Until
Bennett, Hilton 31/03/2018
Brunt, Donald 01/04/2018
Budd, Michael 28/02/2018
*Chaterjee, Dhusar Junior 31/12/2017
*Choy, Ryan Junior 31/12/2017
*Clark, Sean Junior 31/12/2017
*Crombie, Joel Junior 31/12/2017
Crombie, William 31/07/2018
Dare, Richard 28/02/2018
Farrel, Ryan Junior 31/12/2017
Freeman, Michael 31/12/2018
Feyter, John 16/08/2018
*Haegoda, Dulina Junior 07/09/2018
*Hale, Ben Junior 31/12/2017
Hasan-Stein, Adam Junior 04/11/2017
Heppenstall, Lara 02/09/2017
Jackson, Richard 31/03/2018
Judkins, Gary 31/03/2018
*Kang, Eushin 31/12/2017
Kennedy, Ian 31/03/2018
Li, Kevin Junior 11/03/2018
Lightfoot, Rowan Junior 07/09/2018
Lin, Michael Junior 07/11/2018
Loy, Nathanial 16/08/2018
Lynn, William 28/02/2018
Manoharan, Sivaram Junior 07/02/2018
Mistry, Prashant 01/03/2018
Nolan, Graham 31/12/2017
*Quinn, Cooper  Junior 31/12/2017
Severinsen, Milton 31/03/2018
Silva, Euchira 21/08/2018
Silva, Lasen  Junior 21/08/2018
Song, Andrew  Junior 07/11/2018
Stokes, Alex  Junior 17/11/2018
Symon, Christopher 04/03/2018
Tangiora, Brendon 28/02/2018
Treat, Alex Junior 21/08/2018
Tuatini, Murray 31/03/2018
Van Eyk, Greg 22/11/2017
Xiang, Jarvis Junior 21/11/2018
Xiang, Jeff Junior 21/11/2018
*Yang, Shilong Junior 31/12/2017

* Hamilton Boys High Pupil