Club Recess For Two Weeks

Posted: 21/09/2016 by Ian in Club News

The club is in recess now for the school holidays, we resume on 11 October with rounds one and two of the graded Round Robin. There will be three (or possibly four) divisions depending on numbers:  An  A and B grade consisting on groups of six players based on club ranking. There will also be a C grade that will be a five round Swiss style tournament. There will be two games  for each of two weeks, with the fifth and final game 25/10/16. Time control will be 25 + 5. Please players  will need to commit to being there on each of the three nights to take part. See you there.

Three Way Tie Again This Week

Posted: 21/09/2016 by Ian in Club News
1 Prashant  Mistry 5.0 +W10 +B3 +W6 +B4 -W2 +B7
2 Graham  Nolan 5.0 +W18 +B8 -W4 +B10 +B1 +W6
3 Milton  Severinsen 5.0 +B13 -W1 +B9 +W5 +B12 +B4
4 Richard  Dare 4.0 +B9 +W7 +B2 -W1 +B6 -W3
5 Lara  Heppenstall 4.0 +W17 -B6 +W18 -B3 +W10 +B11
6 Stefan  Wagner 3.0 +B12 +W5 -B1 +W8 -W4 -B2
7 Christopher  Symon 3.0 +W16 -B4 -W10 +B15 +B8 -W1
8 Richard  Jackson 3.0 +W14 -W2 +B15 -B6 -W7 +W16
9 Murray  Tuatini 3.0 -W4 +B16 -W3 -B11 +W15 +W12
10 Gary  Judkins 3.0 -B1 +W15 +B7 -W2 -B5 +W13
11 Ian  Kennedy 2.5 -B15 =W13 -B12 +W9 +B16 -W5
12 Alister  Teow 2.5 -W6 =B14 +W11 +B13 -W3 -B9
13 Eushin  Kang 2.5 -W3 =B11 +W14 -W12 +B17 -B10
14 Jarvis  Xiang 2.5 -B8 =W12 -B13 -B16 +BYE +W17
15 Cooper  Quinn 2.0 +W11 -B10 -W8 -W7 -B9 +BYE
16 Adam  Hasan-Stein 1.5 -B7 -W9 =B17 +W14 -W11 -B8
17 Jeff  Xiang 1.5 -B5 -B18 =W16 +BYE -W13 -B14
18 Johnathon 1.0 -B2 +W17 -B5


Casual Blitz –Three Way Tie

Posted: 14/09/2016 by Ian in Club News
1 Stefan_Wagner 5.0 +W5 +B12 +W7 +W2 +B4 -B3
2 Graham_Nolan 5.0 +B11 +W4 +W3 -B1 +W10 +B6
3 Prashant_Mistry 5.0 +B9 +W6 -B2 +W11 +B8 +W1
4 Richard_Dare 4.0 +W10 -B2 +W5 +B7 -W1 +B9
5 Murray_Tuatini 3.5 -B1 +W8 -B4 =W9 +B11 +W12
6 Sivaram_Manoharan 3.0 +W13 -B3 +W12 -B10 +W7 -W2
7 Christopher_Symon 3.0 +B14 +W9 -B1 -W4 -B6 +W11
8 Krishan_Deo 3.0 -B5 +W13 +B12 -W3 +W14
9 Richard_Jackson 2.5 -W3 -B7 +W14 =B5 +B13 -W4
10 Ian_Kennedy 2.5 -B4 +W14 -B11 +W6 -B2 =W13
11 Alister Teow 2.0 -W2 +B13 +W10 -B3 -W5 -B7
12 Adam_Hasan-Stein 2.0 +BYE -W1 -B6 -W8 +B14 -B5
13 Eushin Kang 1.5 -B6 -W11 -B8 +B14 -W9 =B10
14 Cooper_Quinn 0.0 -W7 -B10 -B9 -W13 -W12 -B8


Guests Welcome Next Two Weeks

Posted: 07/09/2016 by Ian in Club News

BinocularsIf you have been thinking about coming along for a look then the next 2 club nights (13 Sep & 20 Sep) at 7pm are good place to start. We will have  blitz chess, 6 games each night  at time control 5 minutes plus a 3 second increment per move from move one.   Come along and join in the fun. Games kick off by 7:30 so dont be late.

Back To Blitz

Posted: 07/09/2016 by Ian in Club News

We will have two nights of blitz to round out the school term, six rounds at 5 + 3 on each night. Dont be late.

Random Results

Posted: 07/09/2016 by Ian in Club News
1 Prashant  Mistry 5.0 +B16 +W5 -B3 +W9 +B2 +W6
2 Richard  Dare 5.0 +W15 +B9 +W6 +B3 -W1 +B4
3 Milton  Severinsen 4.5 +W14 +B4 +W1 -W2 =B9 +W5
4 Gary  Judkins 4.0 +B7 -W3 +B10 +W11 +B5 -W2
5 Ian  Kennedy 3.0 +W11 -B1 +W15 +B6 -W4 -B3
6 Sivaram  Manoharan 3.0 +B18 +W10 -B2 -W5 +B7 -B1
7 Murray Tuatini 3.0 -W4 +B14 -W9 +B10 -W6 +B13
8 Stefan Wagner 3.0 +B14 +W10 +B9
9 Richard  Jackson 2.5 +B17 -W2 +B7 -B1 =W3 -W8
10 Jeff  Xiang 2.0 +B12 -B6 -W4 -W7 -B8 +BYE
11 Jarvis  Xiang 2.0 -B5 +W16 -B12 -B4 -W13 +W14
12 Matt  Crombie 2.0 -W10 +B18 +W11
13 Adam Hasan-Stein 2.0 +BYE +B11 -W7
14 Cooper  Quinn 1.0 -B3 -W7 -B17 -W8 +BYE -B11
15 Paul  Dalley 1.0 -B2 +W17 -B5
16 Joel  Crombie 1.0 -W1 -B11 +W18
17 Finlay  Buckell 1.0 -W9 -B15 +W14
18 Sean  Clark 0.0 -W6 -W12 -B16

Fischer Random Chess

Posted: 31/08/2016 by Ian in Club News

The first Fischer Random Chess tourney was held in Yugoslavia in the spring of 1996, and was won by Grandmaster Peter Leko.

In 2001, Leko became the first Fischer Random Chess world champion, defeating Grandmaster Michael Adams in an eight game match played as part of the Mainz Chess Classic. There were no qualifying matches (also true of the first orthodox world chess champion titleholders), but both players were in the top five in the January 2001 world rankings for orthodox chess. Leko was chosen because of the many novelties he has introduced to known chess theories, as well as his previous tourney win; in addition, Leko has played Fischer Random Chess games with Fischer himself. Adams was chosen because he was the world number one in blitz (rapid) chess and is regarded as an extremely strong player in unfamiliar positions. The match was won by a narrow margin, 4.5 to 3.5.

In 2002 at Mainz, an open Fischer Random tournament was held which attracted 131 players. Peter Svidler won the event.

Other interesting events happened in 2002. The website selected Fischer Random chess as its “Recognized Variant of the Month” for April 2002. Yugoslavian Grandmaster Svetozar Gligoric published in 2002 the book Shall We Play Fischerandom Chess?, popularizing this variation further.

At the 2003 Mainz Chess Classic, Svidler beat Leko in an eight game match for the World Championship title by a score of 4.5 – 3.5