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With regret your committee have decided it is time to suspend all club activities in light of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Subscriptions will be deferred until the club resumes – ie if you have 10 months subscription remaining currently, and the club is closed for 12 months, you will have 10 months subscription credit from the time of reopening


Club Champs Underway

Posted: 12/03/2020 by Ian in Club News

Club champs are underway with 27 entrants. We have had 2 rounds so far. The crosstable is below. Remember all players are assumed to be playing unless I am notified by email on Sunday evening. Draw will be posted Monday. Richard Jackson has kindly volunteered to act as “twelfth man” to make up the numbers if we have an odd number on the night, but has noted that his games wont be used for club rating purposes. The current crosstable is appended and the tentative round 3 draw is below that

1 Richard_Dare 2.0 +W11 +B9
2 Hilton_Bennett 2.0 +B12 +W8
3 Graham_Nolan 2.0 +W15 +B14
4 Sivaram_Manoharan 2.0 +B13 +W10
5 Max_Stephens 1.5 =BYE +B16
6 Nathanial_Loy 1.5 =BYE +W19
7 Ben_Firestone 1.5 =BYE +W26
8 Michael_Lin 1.0 +W17 -B2
9 Colin_Barrett-Hogg 1.0 +B20 -W1
10 Joel_Crombie 1.0 +W23 -B4
11 Gary_Judkins 1.0 -B1 +W22
12 William_Crombie 1.0 -W2 +B25
13 Rowan_Lightfoot 1.0 -W4 +B24
14 William_Lynn 1.0 +B27 -W3
15 Andy_Song 1.0 -B3 +W27
16 Sean_Clark 1.0 +B26 -W5
17 Murray_Tuatini 1.0 -B8 +W21
18 Kaeden_Govender 1.0 =BYE =W20
19 Ian_Kennedy 0.5 =BYE -B6
20 Thomas_Beier 0.5 -W9 =B18
21 Richard_Jackson 0.5 =BYE -B17
22 Jarvis_Xiang 0.5 =BYE -B11
23 Shan_Sundararaj 0.5 -B10 =BYE
24 Dinupa_Yakupitiyage 0.5 =BYE -W13
25 Kalhara_Weeraman 0.5 =BYE -W12
26 Ben_Wright 0.0 -W16 -B7
27 Zane_Brown 0.0 -W14 -B15


The draw for round three, subject to change at this point if there are withdrawals, is below

White Black
 Richard Dare  Sivaram Manoharan
 Graham Nolan  Hilton Bennett
 Max Stephens  Ben Firestone
 Michael Lin  Nathanial Loy
 William Crombie  Colin Barrett-hogg
 Andy Song  William Lynn
 Joel Crombie  Murray Tuatini
 Rowan Lightfoot  Kaeden Govender
 Sean Clark  Gary Judkins
 Ian Kennedy  Dinupa Yakupitiyage
 Shan Sundararaj  Thomas Beier
 Jarvis Xiang  Kalhara Weeraman
 Ben Wright  Zane Brown