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Final Night Next Week

Posted: 30/11/2016 by Ian in Club News

December 6th will be the final night of the year. We have “casual chess” down on the calendar, but maybe we will have one last blitz for the sake of auld lang syne if that is the mood of the evening.

Richard Springcleans

Posted: 30/11/2016 by Ian in Club News

images-1Richard comes out on top in Spring(2) with a clean sweep. A four way tie for second. Ratings have been updated.

1 Richard Dare 6.0 +W15 +B10 +W3 +B2 +W6 +B5
2 Graham Nolan 5.0 +B16 +W4 +B5 -W1 +W3 +B6
3 Prashant Mistry 4.0 +B11 +W6 -B1 +W4 -B2 +W9
4 Lara Heppenstall 4.0 +W12 -B2 +W14 -B3 +W9 +B11
5 Ian Kennedy 3.5 =W9 +B7 -W2 +B13 +W12 -W1
6 Chris Symon 3.0 +W14 -B3 +W12 +B7 -B1 -W2
7 Richard Jackson 3.0 +B8 -W5 +B13 -W6 -W11 +B15
8 Jarvis Xiang 3.0 -W7 -B14 +W15 -B9 +W13 +B12
9 Jeff Xiang 2.5 =B5 -W11 +B16 +W8 -B4 -B3
10 Angel Duran 2.0 +B13 -W1 +B11
11 Murray Tuatini 2.0 -W3 +B9 -W10 +B7 -W4
12 Adam Hasan-St. 2.0 -B4 +W16 -B6 +W15 -B5 -W8
13 Cooper Quinn 2.0 -W10 +B15 -W7 -W5 -B8 +BYE
14 Sean Clark 1.0 -B6 +W8 -B4
15 Greg VanEyk 1.0 -B1 -W13 -B8 -B12 +BYE -W7
16 Jay 0.0 -W2 -B12 -W9

Club Picnic Success

Posted: 27/11/2016 by Ian in Club News

picnic_2picnic_1The club picnic provided a fitting end to the year. We had quite a good turn out and I think people enjoyed themselves playing chess and croquet as the sun shined down upon us …. Richard looked quite comfortable sitting in the café playing all comers and there were quite a number of interested lookers-on.  Some chess games on the big board were won by committee decision management.  Matt encouraged the young ones into playing a game of soccer on the circular field where there were no corners awarded and afterwards they had a walk through the gardens.  Murray found a nice quiet place to sit and contemplate and enjoy the cooling breeze while others found it nice to remove their socks and soak their feet in Turtle Lake.

Club Picnic This Saturday

Posted: 24/11/2016 by Ian in Club News

picnicRemember it is the club end of year picnic in the gardens, this saturday, from 11am. Bring your chess sets along for some recreation in the open air. The flyer is here

Club Welcomes Greg Van Eyk

Posted: 24/11/2016 by Ian in Club News

The club welcomes Greg Van Eyk as its newest member. Greg has played nine games suitable for club rating so far and is enjoying the Spring Cup. Welcome Greg

Spring (2) Underway

Posted: 24/11/2016 by Ian in Club News
1 Richard Dare 3.0 +W16 +B4 +W3
2 Graham Nolan 3.0 +B15 +W5 +B8
3 Prashant Mistry 2.0 +B10 +W6 -B1
4 Angel Duran 2.0 +B12 -W1 +B10
5 Lara Heppenstall 2.0 +W13 -B2 +W11
6 Christopher Symon 2.0 +W11 -B3 +W13
7 Richard Jackson 2.0 +B14 -W8 +B12
8 Ian Kennedy 1.5 =W9 +B7 -W2
9 Jeff Xiang 1.5 =B8 -W10 +B15
10 Murray Tuatini 1.0 -W3 +B9 -W4
11 Sean Clark 1.0 -B6 +W14 -B5
12 Cooper Quinn 1.0 -W4 +B16 -W7
13 Adam Hasan-Stein 1.0 -B5 +W15 -B6
14 Jarvis Xiang 1.0 -W7 -B11 +W16
15 Jay 0.0 -W2 -B13 -W9
16 Greg VanEyk 0.0 -B1 -W12 -B14

Ratings Updated

Posted: 16/11/2016 by Ian in Club News

LaddergraphClub ratings and club ladder have been updated.

Spring (2) Starts Next Week

Posted: 16/11/2016 by Ian in Club News

We will have a rerun of the Spring Cup starting again next week, six games over 2 weeks. Dont be late. Guests are welcome to join in — be there around 7:05



The club is sad to see Stefan leaving us to take up his new post in far away Scotland. Stefan has been a club stalwart over the years and one of its strongest players. He will be sadly missed, but we wish him all the best.

Spring (1) Goes T0 Richard

Posted: 16/11/2016 by Ian in Club News
1 Richard Dare 5.0 +W8 +W2 -B6 +B7 +W4 +W3
2 Christopher Symon 4.0 +W5 -B1 -W3 +B13 +W9 +B4
3 Murray Tuatini 3.5 +B10 -W4 +B2 =W8 +W5 -B1
4 Stefan Wagner 3.5 +W9 +B3 +W13 =B5 -B1 -W2
5 Lara Heppenstall 3.5 -B2 +B8 +W9 =W4 -B3 +B7
6 Milton Severinsen 3.0 +W13 +B7 +W1
7 Richard Jackson 3.0 +B14 -W6 +B10 -W1 +B8 -W5
8 Ian Kennedy 2.5 -B1 -W5 +B14 =B3 -W7 +W10
9 Jeff Xiang 2.0 -B4 +W10 -B5 +W14 -B2 -W11
10 Greg Van Eyk 2.0 -W3 -B9 -W7 +B11 +W13 -B8
11 Adam Hasan-Stein 2.0 -W10 +B14 +B9
12 Angel Duran 2.0 +BYE +B13
13 Cooper Quinn 1.0 -B6 +W14 -B4 -W2 -B10 -W12
14 Jarvis Xiang 1.0 -W7 -B13 -W8 -B9 -W11 +BYE

Club Listed In Hamilton Press

Posted: 10/11/2016 by Ian in Club News

The Hamilton Press now lists us in “Clubs and Groups” so lets hope we can attract a few more members

Over The Board NZ Chess Forum Created

Posted: 10/11/2016 by Ian in Club News

The recently created New Zealand Chess Forum “Over The Board” can be found here.

Over the board is all about having conversations centred around Chess for the NZ Chess Community. So start a conversation or join in a conversation already started.

Discuss your favourite opening, get help analysing an interesting game, show off an awesome game you played, talk about famous players and your heroes, send your review of a book or two, throw in a comment about a tournament in progress, start a local chess event or even hint at something that is bugging you.

Share your love for our great game and inspire others to do the same!

Spring Cup (1) Rounds 1, 2, & 3

Posted: 10/11/2016 by Ian in Club News
1 Milton_Severinsen 3.0 +W7 +B5 +W3
2 Stefan_Wagner 3.0 +W8 +B4 +W7
3 Richard_Dare 2.0 +W10 +W9 -B1
4 Murray_Tuatini 2.0 +B11 -W2 +B9
5 Richard_Jackson 2.0 +B12 -W1 +B11
6 Lara_Heppenstall 2.0 -B9 +B10 +W8
7 Cooper_Quinn 1.0 -B1 +W12 -B2
8 Jeff_Xiang 1.0 -B2 +W11 -B6
9 Christopher_Symon 1.0 +W6 -B3 -W4
10 Ian_Kennedy 1.0 -B3 -W6 +B12
11 Greg_VanEyk 0.0 -W4 -B8 -W5
12 Jarvis_Xiang 0.0 -W5 -B7 -W10

Spring Cup Next Week. Dont Be Late

Posted: 02/11/2016 by Ian in Club News

images-1Next week we will start the first of 2 Spring Cups. Please if you want to be in, make a commitment to be there for both nights.  The time control will be 20+0, 3 games per night, over 2 nights. We will have two solid hours of chess, so kick off will be as soon as the draw is done. Dont be late. Guests and non-members are welcome to come along and join in.

Sivaram Is Lightning Champ 2016

Posted: 02/11/2016 by Ian in Club News
1 Sivaram  Manoharan 5.5 +B12 =W5 +B7 +W3 +W4 -B2 +W8
2 Richard  Dare 4.5 =B7 +W4 -B3 +W12 +B5 +W1 -B9
3 Hilton  Bennett 4.5 +W8 +B9 +W2 -B1 +W7 =B4 -W5
4 Stefan  Wagner 4.5 +W10 -B2 +W11 +W5 -B1 =W3 +B7
5 Graham  Nolan 4.5 +W13 =B1 +W9 -B4 -W2 +B8 +B3
6 Richard  Jackson 4.0 +B10 +W13 +B11 +W12
7 Ian  Kennedy 3.5 =W2 +B8 -W1 +B11 -B3 +W9 -W4
8 Lara  Heppenstall 3.0 -B3 -W7 +B13 +B9 +W10 -W5 -B1
9 Milton  Severinsen 3.0 +B11 -W3 -B5 -W8 +B12 -B7 +W2
10 Jarvis  Xiang 3.0 -B4 -W11 +B12 -W6 -B8 +W13 +BYE
11 Sean  Clark 2.5 -W9 +B10 -B4 -W7 +BYE -W6 =B13
12 Jeff  Xiang 2.0 -W1 +B13 -W10 -B2 -W9 +BYE -B6
13 Murray  Tuatini 1.5 -B5 -W12 -W8 +BYE -B6 -B10 =W11