Waikato Winter Wapid

Waikato Winter Wapid, 19 June 2011
“Be vewwy quiet: I’m hunting wabbits.”
Come and enjoy a day of quiet wabbit and Think Big NZ Chess Grand Prix Class 3 points hunting at the Hamilton Chess Centre 21 Grantham St. It is open season on wabbits.

7 rounds of 20’+5” chess, from 9am. Round 1 starts 9.30am. Lunch break after round 3.

Entry fees: $35 Adults, $25 juniors and Hamilton Chess Club members (free entry for IM/GM), payable on the day (cash/cheque only).
Prize money: Guaranteed prize pool of over $400: $125 first, $100 second, rating group prizes $50 for U1800, U1500 and ‘U1200 and under 12 years old’, $30 best unrated player. More prizes based on entry numbers.

Results are here.  See  the attached flyer – give to your friends! Waikato Winter Wapid 19 June

There will be a 35 minute lunch break after round 3.

* Notes:

  • The organiser reserves the right to accept or reject entries.
  • The organiser reserves the right to vary the number of prizes and the prize categories, based on entry numbers (the guaranteed prizes may increase in value).
  • Age division (junior is under 18) is decided by the age of the entrant as at the date of the event.
  • Free tea, coffee, milo are available all day.
  • Each competitor can win only one prize.
  • In the case of equal scores, the winner will be determined by computer count-back.
  • The event will be played under the FIDE laws of chess and the Hamilton Chess Club code of ethics (see library).

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