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Fischer Random Chess

Posted: 31/08/2016 by Ian in Club News

The first Fischer Random Chess tourney was held in Yugoslavia in the spring of 1996, and was won by Grandmaster Peter Leko.

In 2001, Leko became the first Fischer Random Chess world champion, defeating Grandmaster Michael Adams in an eight game match played as part of the Mainz Chess Classic. There were no qualifying matches (also true of the first orthodox world chess champion titleholders), but both players were in the top five in the January 2001 world rankings for orthodox chess. Leko was chosen because of the many novelties he has introduced to known chess theories, as well as his previous tourney win; in addition, Leko has played Fischer Random Chess games with Fischer himself. Adams was chosen because he was the world number one in blitz (rapid) chess and is regarded as an extremely strong player in unfamiliar positions. The match was won by a narrow margin, 4.5 to 3.5.

In 2002 at Mainz, an open Fischer Random tournament was held which attracted 131 players. Peter Svidler won the event.

Other interesting events happened in 2002. The website selected Fischer Random chess as its “Recognized Variant of the Month” for April 2002. Yugoslavian Grandmaster Svetozar Gligoric published in 2002 the book Shall We Play Fischerandom Chess?, popularizing this variation further.

At the 2003 Mainz Chess Classic, Svidler beat Leko in an eight game match for the World Championship title by a score of 4.5 – 3.5

Fischer Random At Round 3

Posted: 31/08/2016 by Ian in Club News
1 Richard  Dare 3.0 +W9 +B4 +W6
2 Milton  Severinsen 3.0 +W16 +B5 +W3
3 Prashant  Mistry 2.0 +B13 +W7 -B2
4 Richard  Jackson 2.0 +B14 -W1 +B12
5 Gary  Judkins 2.0 +B12 -W2 +B10
6 Sivaram  Manoharan 2.0 +B15 +W10 -B1
7 Ian  Kennedy 2.0 +W11 -B3 +W9
8 Matt  Crombie 2.0 -W10 +B15 +W11
9 Paul  Dalley 1.0 -B1 +W14 -B7
10 Jeff  Xiang 1.0 +B8 -B6 -W5
11 Jarvis  Xiang 1.0 -B7 +W13 -B8
12 Murray Tuatini 1.0 -W5 +B16 -W4
13 Joel  Crombie 1.0 -W3 -B11 +W15
14 Finlay  Buckell 1.0 -W4 -B9 +W16
15 Sean  Clark 0.0 -W6 -W8 -B13
16 Cooper  Quinn 0.0 -B2 -W12 -B14

CHess_960_G123Opening preparation will go out the window next week with a  little light hearted fun  in the form of  Fischer Random mini tournament.  The games were will be played at 15 + 0.  The starting positions might look something like the diagrams at left, or a similar diabolical arrangement. Dont miss out. Guests also welcome to join in. The tournament will run over 2 weeks. See you there. Fischer random games are not eligible for club ratings

Winter Cup Goes To Richard

Posted: 24/08/2016 by Ian in Club News
1 Richard Dare 5.0 +W11 +B5 +W2 +B6 -W3 +B7
2 Stefan Wagner 4.5 +B12 +W4 -B1 +W7 =W6 +B3
3 Prashant Mistry 4.0 +B10 +W8 -B6 +W4 +B1 -W2
4 Ian Kennedy 4.0 +W7 -B2 +W9 -B3 +W5 +B10
5 Christopher Symon 4.0 +B14 -W1 +B13 +W8 -B4 +W6
6 Milton Severinsen 3.5 +W15 +B9 +W3 -W1 =B2 -B5
7 Cooper Quinn 3.0 -B4 +W12 +W11 -B2 +B14 -W1
8 Richard Jackson 3.0 +W13 -B3 +W15 -B5 -B10 +BYE
9 Jarvis Xiang 3.0 +B16 -W6 -B4 -W10 +BYE +B14
10 Gary Judkins 2.5 -W3 -B13 =BYE +B9 +W8 -W4
11 Murray Tuatini 1.0 -B1 +W14 -B7
12 Adam Hasan-Stein 1.0 -W2 -B7 +W14
13 Sean Clark 1.0 -B8 +W10 -W5
14 Jeff Xiang 1.0 -W5 -B11 -B12 +BYE -W7 -W9
15 Joel Crombie 1.0 -B6 +W16 -B8
16 Matthys Joubert 0.5 -W9 -B15 =BYE


Winter Cup Standings At Round 3

Posted: 17/08/2016 by Ian in Club News
1 Richard_Dare 3.0 +W11 +B6 +W3
2 Milton_Severinsen 3.0 +W9 +B10 +W4
3 Stefan_Wagner 2.0 +B13 +W5 -B1
4 Prashant_Mistry 2.0 +B14 +W7 -B2
5 Ian_Kennedy 2.0 +W8 -B3 +W10
6 Christopher_Symon 2.0 +B 16 -W1 +B12
7 Richard_Jackson 2.0 +W12 -B4 +W9
8 Cooper_Quinn 2.0 -B5 +W13 +W11
9 Joel_Crombie 1.0 -B2 +W15 -B7
10 Jarvis_Xiang 1.0 +B15 -W2 -B5
11 Murray_Tuatini 1.0 -B1 +W 16 -B8
12 Sean_Clark 1.0 -B7 +W14 -W6
13 Adam_Hasan-Stein 1.0 -W3 -B8 +W 16
14 Gary_Judkins 0.5 -W4 -B12 =BYE
15 Matthys_Joubert 0.5 -W10 -B9 =BYE
 16 Jeff_Xiang 0.0 -W6 -B11 -B13

Ratings and Ladder Updated

Posted: 09/08/2016 by Ian in Club News

LaddergraphClub ratings and club ladder have been updated, as have the graphs of club ratings.

Winter Cup Next Week

Posted: 09/08/2016 by Ian in Club News

snowmanNext week we will start the Winter Cup. Please if you want to be in, make a commitment to be there for both nights.  The time control will be 20+0, 3 games per night, over 2 nights. We will have two solid hours of chess, so kick off will be as soon as the draw is done. Dont be late.