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Waikato Rapid 2016

Posted: 31/05/2016 by Ian in Club News

Saturday 18rd June, 2016

St. Paul’s Collegiate School, Hamilton

Grand Prix Class One Event


Three NZCF rapid rated 6 round Swiss tournaments, with each player having 25 minutes plus 5 seconds increment from move one. Open, Under 1800, and Junior/under 1200 Divisions. The Open and Under 1800 Divisions will be FIDE rated.
Minimum total prize fund to the value of $1,400. All players must be NZCF registered. Non-NZL players must have a FIDE ID issued by their national chess federation. Players under 1800 NZCF rating may enter the Open tournament, but the organisers reserve the right to move players between events if they feel that it is appropriate. The event will be subject to the ‘Rules of the Waikato Chess Rapid’.

Venue: St Paul’s Collegiate School, Hukanui Road, Hamilton. (This is a non-smoking area)
Minimum Prize fund:

Open Division
1st $300; 2nd $175; 3rd $100;
Under 1800
1st $175; 2nd $125; 3rd $50;
Under1200/Junior (Under 18 years on 1st January 2016)
1st $100; 2nd $70; 3rd $40;
Plus grade prizes (cash & chess books) to a total value of $375 across the three divisions.

Players meeting: 9am sharp, entries close.
Round 1 9:30 am – 10:30 am Round 4 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Round 2 11:00 am – 12 noon Round 5 3:15 pm – 4:15 pm
Round 3 12:45 pm – 1:45 pm Round 6 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Prize-giving will follow as soon as possible after the completion of the last round.

Entry Fees: (If received by Friday 17th June)
Open Division; $50
Under 1800; $45
Junior/under 1200; $30
Late entry fee $10.00 (if entry received after 17th June)
In addition an NZCF player registration fee of $20 applies, if not already registered for 2016 (Junior/under 1200 exempt).

The Registration page is here

The Tournament flyer is here



Autumn Reprise — Rounds 1 to 3

Posted: 25/05/2016 by Ian in Club News
1 Richard  Dare 3.0 +W7 +B12 +W4
2 Graham  Nolan 3.0 +B20 +W6 +B5
3 Milton  Severinsen 2.5 =W11 +B9 +W12
4 Stefan  Wagner 2.0 +B13 +W10 -B1
5 Christopher  Symon 2.0 +B21 +W8 -W2
6 Ian  Kennedy 2.0 +W17 -B2 +W14
7 Richard  Jackson 2.0 -B1 +W21 +B16
8 Prashant  Mistry 2.0 +W14 -B5 +W11
9 Santosh  Mallapa 2.0 +B19 -W3 +B13
10 Gary  Judkins 2.0 +W18 -B4 +W15
11 Dayanand  Sharma 1.5 =B3 +W20 -B8
12 Lara  Heppenstall 1.0 +B16 -W1 -B3
13 Murray  Tuatini 1.0 -W4 +B17 -W9
14 Joel  Crombie 1.0 -B8 +W19 -B6
15 Paul  Dalley 1.0 +BYE -B10
16 Sean  Clark 1.0 -W12 +B18 -W7
17 Adam  Hasan-Stein 1.0 -B6 -W13 +B21
18 Jarvis  Xiang 1.0 -B10 -W16 +B20
19 Matthys  Joubert 1.0 -W9 -B14 +BYE
20 Matt  Crombie 0.0 -W2 -B11 -W18
21 Jeff  Xiang 0.0 -W5 -B7 -W17

Ratings Graphs Updated

Posted: 18/05/2016 by Ian in Club News

Ratings graphs have been updated — see if you can work out which player has been putting in a bit of practice:


Dayanand is the club’s newest member. Dayanand managed 3 points in Autumn(1) and enters the club ratings board with 13 games so far and a club rating on 1527. Welcome Dayanand.

Graham Clear Of Field In Autumn(1)

Posted: 18/05/2016 by Ian in Club News

Graham was the clear winner of Autumn(1) on 5.5 points. His club rating now has him snapping at Hilton’s heels for the number two spot. Autumn(2) starts next week. Don’t be late.

1 Graham_Nolan 5.5 +W12 +B10 +W8 +B3 =W2 +B6
2 Richard_Dare 4.5 +W23 +B11 =W4 +B8 =B1 =W3
3 Hilton_Bennett 4.5 +B14 +W6 +B7 -W1 +B10 =B2
4 Milton_Severinsen 4.5 +B19 +W5 =B2 -W7 +W9 +B13
5 Lara_Heppenstall 4.5 +W22 -B4 =W9 +B13 +W11 +B15
6 Sivaram_Manoharan 4.0 +W24 -B3 +W17 +B11 +B7 -W1
7 Stefan_Wagner 3.5 +W28 +B13 -W3 +B4 -W6 =B8
8 Prashant_Mistry 3.5 +B25 +W26 -B1 -W2 +B12 =W7
9 Santosh_Mallapa 3.5 +W25 =B5 +W18 -B4 +W10
10 Christopher_Symon 3.0 +B16 -W1 +B19 +W15 -W3 -B9
11 Ian_Kennedy 3.0 +B18 -W2 +B14 -W6 -B5 +W19
12 Dayanand_Sharma 3.0 -B1 +W16 -B15 +W21 -W8 +B17
13 Richard_Jackson 3.0 +B21 -W7 +B26 -W5 +B19 -W4
14 Murray_Tuatini 3.0 -W3 +B17 -W11 -B16 +B18 +W20
15 Gary_Judkins 3.0 -W17 +B24 +W12 -B10 +W16 -W5
16 Adam_Hasan-Stein 2.5 -W10 -B12 +W24 +W14 -B15 =W18
17 Paul_Dalley 2.0 +B15 -W14 -B6 +W24 -W12
18 Sean_Clark 2.0 -W11 =B23 +W28 -B9 -W14 =B16
19 Joel_Crombie 2.0 -W4 +B22 -W10 +B26 -W13 -B11
20 Jeff_Xiang 2.0 +B24 +W21 -B14
21 Finlay_Buckell 2.0 -W13 +B28 -W23 -B12 -B20 +W26
22 Cooper_Quinn 2.0 -B5 -W19 -B25 +BYE +W26
23 Matt_Crombie 1.5 -B2 =W18 +B21
24 Jarvis_Xiang 1.0 -B6 -W15 -B16 -W20 -B17 +BYE
25 Shilong_Yang 1.0 -W8 -B9 +W22
26 Matthys_Joubert 1.0 +BYE -B8 -W13 -W19 -B22 -B21
27 Dhusar_Chatterjee 0.0
28 Kyle_Sehrant 0.0 -B7 -W21 -B18


Autumn (1)

Posted: 11/05/2016 by Ian in Club News

We had 26 players for the first three rounds of Autumn (1) last night. Hilton and Graham lead the field with 3 points each. The cross table is below, and club ratings have been updated. Final 3 games next week. Don’t be late.

1 Hilton Bennett 3.0 +B16 +W9 +B5
2 Graham Nolan 3.0 +W17 +B7 +W8
3 Richard Dare 2.5 +W13 +B6 =W4
4 Milton Severinsen 2.5 +B18 +W12 =B3
5 Stefan Wagner 2.0 +W25 +B10 -W1
6 Ian Kennedy 2.0 +B15 -W3 +B16
7 Christopher Symon 2.0 +B23 -W2 +B18
8 Prashant Mistry 2.0 +B21 +W20 -B2
9 Sivaram Manoharan 2.0 +W24 -B1 +W19
10 Richard Jackson 2.0 +B22 -W5 +B20
11 Gary Judkins 2.0 -W19 +B24 +W17
12 Lara Heppenstall 1.5 +W26 -B4 =W14
13 Matt Crombie 1.5 -B3 =W15 +B22
14 Santosh Mallapa 1.5 +W21 =B12
15 Sean Clark 1.5 -W6 =B13 +W25
16 Murray Tuatini 1.0 -W1 +B19 -W6
17 Dayanand Sharma 1.0 -B2 +W23 -B11
18 Joel Crombie 1.0 -W4 +B26 -W7
19 Paul Dalley 1.0 +B11 -W16 -B9
20 Matthys Joubert 1.0 +BYE -B8 -W10
21 Shilong Yang 1.0 -W8 -B14 +W26
22 Finlay Buckell 1.0 -W10 +B25 -W13
23 Adam Hasan-Stein 1.0 -W7 -B17 +W24
24 Jarvis Xiang 0.0 -B9 -W11 -B23
25 Kyle 0.0 -B5 -W22 -B15
26 Cooper Quinn 0.0 -B12 -W18 -B21


Date For Waikato Open Announced

Posted: 05/05/2016 by Ian in Club News

WaikatoSave the date: July 29th-31st
Our premiere tournament will be held at the end of July. An Open, an under-1800 tournament, and an under-12/under-1200 event, each a six-round Swiss. The Open will be FIDE-rated. This event is a Poison Pawn Grand Prix Class 1 event. More information, and entry forms, will follow shortly

Format for Autumn Cup Changed

Posted: 05/05/2016 by Ian in Club News

AutumnThe format for the upcoming Autumn Cup has changed. Instead of 9 games over 3 nights, the tournament has been extended and split into 2, designated Autumn(1) and Autumn(2). Both Autumn (1) and (2) will consist of six games over 2 nights. The time control remains at 20 + 0 per game.

Autumn Cup Next Week

Posted: 04/05/2016 by Ian in Club News

AutumnNext week we will start the Autumn Cup. Please if you want to be in, make a commitment to be there for all three nights. In discussion with members the time control has been increased a little and will be 20+0, 3 games per night.

Informal Lightning

Posted: 04/05/2016 by Ian in Club News

We started the school term with a respectable turnout of 24 for lightning last night. Graham managed to beat Stefan in the final round to take out the tournament on tiebreak.

1 Graham  Nolan 6.0 -B3 +W10 +B15 +W4 +B5 +W12 +B2
2 Stefan  Wagner 6.0 +W11 +B14 +B4 +W13 +B12 +W7 -W1
3 Prashant  Mistry 5.5 +W1 +B19 =W6 -W12 +B13 +B15 +W8
4 Milton  Severinsen 5.0 +W18 +B16 -W2 -B1 +W14 +B6 +W12
5 Ian  Kennedy 5.0 -W6 +B23 +W19 +B9 -W1 +B13 +W7
6 Richard  Jackson 4.0 +B5 =W12 =B3 +W8 -B7 -W4 +W18
7 Matt  Crombie 4.0 +W14 +B9 -W13 +B16 +W6 -B2 -B5
8 Dayanand  Sharma 4.0 -W13 +B24 +W11 -B6 +W16 +B9 -B3
9 Shilong  Yang 4.0 +B21 -W7 +B22 -W5 +B17 -W8 +W16
10 Jason 4.0 -B1 -W17 +W24 +B21 +W1 +B20
11 Joel  Crombie 4.0 -B2 +W22 -B8 -W20 +B23 +W19 +B15
12 Lara  Heppenstall 3.5 +W23 =B6 +W18 +B3 -W2 -B1 -B4
13 Murray  Tuatini 3.5 +B8 +W20 +B7 -B2 -W3 -W5 =B14
14 Christopher  Symon 3.5 -B7 -W2 +B24 +W21 -B4 +B23 =W13
15 Sean  Clark 3.0 -W16 +B17 -W1 +B18 +B20 -W3 -W11
16 Jarvis  Xiang 3.0 +B15 -W4 +B20 -W7 -B8 +W17 -B9
17 Dhushar Chaterjee 3.0 -W15 +B10 +B19 -W9 -B16 +W22
18 DP  Patak 3.0 -B4 +W21 -B12 -W15 +B19 +W20 -B6
19 Manaaki  Moana 2.0 +B22 -W3 -B5 -W17 -W18 -B11 +W23
20 Cooper  Quinn 2.0 +W24 -B13 -W16 +B11 -W15 -B18 -W10
21 Jeff  Xiang 2.0 -W9 -B18 +W23 -B14 -W10 -B22 +BYE
22 Adam  Hasan-Stein 2.0 -W19 -B11 -W9 -B23 +BYE +W21 -B17
23 Xavier  Taylor 1.0 -B12 -W5 -B21 +W22 -W11 -W14 -B19
24 Matthys  Joubert 0.0 -B20 -W8 -W14 -B10