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Winter (2) At Round 3

Posted: 30/08/2017 by Ian in Club News


1 Richard  Dare 3.0 +B7 +W11 +B5
2 Prashant  Mistry 3.0 +B12 +W6 +B4
3 Eushin  Kang 3.0 +B13 +W18 +B11
4 Milton  Severinsen 2.0 +W19 +B8 -W2
5 William  Lynn 2.0 +W16 +B14 -W1
6 Gary  Judkins 2.0 +W17 -B2 +W16
7 Ruchira  Silva 2.0 -W1 +B17 +W15
8 Richard  Jackson 2.0 +B21 -W4 +B20
9 Ian  Kennedy 2.0 -W14 +B15 +W12
10 William  crombie 2.0 -W15 +B13 +W14
11 Murray  Tuatini 1.0 +B20 -B1 -W3
12 Kevin  Li 1.0 -W2 +B22 -B9
13 Alex  Treat 1.0 -W3 -W10 +B21
14 Shilong  Yang 1.0 +B9 -W5 -B10
15 Cooper  Quinn 1.0 +B10 -W9 -B7
16 Nathanial  Loy 1.0 -B5 +W21 -B6
17 Joel  Crombie 1.0 -B6 -W7 +B22
18 Jeff  Xiang 1.0 +W22 -B3 -W19
19 Sean  Clark 1.0 -B4 -W20 +B18
20 Jarvis  Xiang 1.0 -W11 +B19 -W8
21 Lasen  Silva 0.0 -W8 -B16 -W13
22 Dulina  Haegoda 0.0 -B18 -W12 -W17

Check Us Out On Tuesday 29th August

Posted: 23/08/2017 by Ian in Club News

If you have been thinking about coming along for a look then August 29at 7pm is your best bet. We will have he first 3 games of a 6 round tournament run over two Tuesdays. Games will kick off shortly after 7, so dont be late if you want to take part in the mini tournament. New members are always welcome. Come along and join in the funplayers3

Membership Keeps on Growing

Posted: 23/08/2017 by Ian in Club News

BeanstalkWe have had three new members sign up this week, taking active club numbers to over 40 players. The club welcomes two new promising juniors, Alex treat, and Lasen Silva, along with Lasens dad Ruchira as its newest three members. These three, plus the two other recent additions Nathaniel Loy and John Feyter now make their appearance on the list of club ratings which has been updated.

Regular Chess Next Week

Posted: 23/08/2017 by Ian in Club News

By popular vote we will not play Fischer Random chess next week. Instead we will have regular chess as part of the Winter (2)  cup, usual time control of 20 + 0, three games per night over two nights. See you there.

Richard Wins Winter (1)

Posted: 23/08/2017 by Ian in Club News

Richard takes out Winter(1) with a perfect 6.  Winter (2) kicks off next week.

1 Richard Dare 6.0 +B18 +W4 +B10 +W2 +B5 +W3
2 Milton Severinsen 4.0 +B8 +W5 +B7 -B1 -W3 +W4
3 Murray Tuatini 4.0 +B12 -W10 +B8 +W6 +B2 -B1
4 Ian Kennedy 4.0 +W9 -B1 +W11 +B7 +W6 -B2
5 Richard Jackson 4.0 +W19 -B2 +W9 +B16 -W1 +B8
6 Prashant Mistry 3.0 +W14 -B11 +W16 -B3 -B4 +W13
7 Ruchira Silva 3.0 +W16 +B14 -W2 -W4 -B8 +B9
8 Sean Clark 2.5 -W2 +B19 -W3 =B9 +W7 -W5
9 Alex Treat 2.5 -B4 +W18 -B5 =W8 +B15 -W7
10 Graham Nolan 2.0 +W17 +B3 -W1
11 Christopher Symon 2.0 +B15 +W6 -B4
12 John Feyter 2.0 -W3 +B17 +W19
13 Sivaram Manoharan 2.0 +B17 +W16 -B6
14 Kevin Li 2.0 -B6 -W7 -B15 +W20 -B17 +W19
15 Cooper Quinn 2.0 -W11 -B16 -W14 +B19 -W9 +B20
16 Nathaniel Loy 1.5 -B7 +W15 -B6 -W5 -B13 =W17
17 Joel Crombie 1.5 -B10 -W12 -B18 -W13 +W14 =B16
18 Jarvis Xiang 1.0 -W1 -B9 +W17
19 Lasen Silva 1.0 -B5 -W8 -B12 -W15 +B20 -B14
20 Dulina Haegoda 0.0 -B14 -W19 -W15



John Feyter Newest Member

Posted: 17/08/2017 by Ian in Club News

Club membership continues to grow. We welcome John as our newest member.

Winter Cup At Round 3

Posted: 16/08/2017 by Ian in Club News


1 Richard_Dare 3.0 +B14 +W3 +B4
2 Milton_Severinsen 3.0 +B11 +W7 +B8
3 Ian_Kennedy 2.0 +W12 -B1 +W6
4 Graham_Nolan 2.0 +W15 +B5 -W1
5 Murray_Tuatini 2.0 +B10 -W4 +B11
6 Christopher_Symon 2.0 +B18 +W9 -B3
7 Richard_Jackson 2.0 +W16 -B2 +W12
8 Ruchira Silva 2.0 +W13 +B17 -W2
9 Prashant_Mistry 2.0 +W17 -B6 +W13
10 John Feyter 2.0 -W5 +B15 +W16
11 Sean_Clark 1.0 -W2 +B16 -W5
12 Alex TreaT 1.0 -B3 +W14 -B7
13 NathanielLoy 1.0 -B8 +W18 -B9
14 Jarvis_Xiang 1.0 -W1 -B12 +W15
15 Joel_Crombie 0.0 -B4 -W10 -B14
16 LasenSilva 0.0 -B7 -W11 -B10
17 Kevin_Li 0.0 -B9 -W8 -B18
18 Cooper_Quinn 0.0 -W6 -B13 -W17