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All Blacks At Club Champs Round Six

Posted: 30/05/2012 by Ian in Club News

Well… not those All Blacks, just that all games played were 0-1. With Hilton in Australia next week Peter now has an unassailable lead, so the contest is on for the minor placings. Final round next week. After that a six round rapid two games per night for three weeks.
Crosstable at round six …

1 Peter Hulshof 5.5 +B9 +W3 +B4 =W2 +W6 +B7
2 Hilton Bennett 5.0 +W7 +B5 =W6 =B1 +W3 +B4
3 Philip Rossiter 4.0 +W8 -B1 +W5 +W7 -B2 +B6
4 William Lynn 4.0 +B10 +BYE -W1 +B6 +B9 -W2
5 Gary Judkins 3.0 +B12 -W2 -B3 -W9 +W10 +BYE
6 Stefan Wagner 2.0 +W11 =BYE =B2 -W4 -B1 -W3
7 Ian Kennedy 2.0 -B2 -W10 +W9 -B3 +BYE -W1
8 Jess Fai 2.0 -B3 +W12 +B10
9 Murray Tuatini 2.0 -W1 -B7 +B5 -W4 +B10
10 Craig Scott 1.5 -W4 +B7 -W8 =BYE -B5 -W9
11 Colin Barrett-Hogg 1.0 -B6 +BYE
12 Kaylash Raman 0.0 -W5 -B8

Quote Of The Day

Posted: 28/05/2012 by Ian in Club News

In a gambit, you give up a pawn for the sake of getting a lost game

As well as leading the field for the title of Club Champion 2012, Peter Hulshof is now the main contender for the “Best Tactic Or Combination Leading To A Decisive Winning Advantage” award following a clever sequence in last week’s game against Stefan. His 16 Bf4 forces the black e-pawn forward which, following B x P both clears the e file and compels the knight onto e5, where it can be pinned against the king. The knight then falls to f4 followed by f4 x N. With his position in tatters, Stefan’s only recourse was to resign. Full analysis can be found here. Next week is the penultimate round for the Club Champs, but it will be your last chance to submit a combination for the above award.

Next Rookies Shield Event Announced

Posted: 24/05/2012 by Ian in Club News

Calling all rookies and juniors

After a long hiatus the next rookies shield event will be held at Hamilton Girls High School on June 24th

Hamilton Chess Centre, Room G1, Hamilton Girls High School, enter from Hill St
Entry fees – cash only please – Juniors (and club members): $10, Adults: $15 *
Game time 15 minutes each player

11 am Registration; Introduction.
11.30 am – 1 pm Rounds 1, 2 and 3,
1.10 pm Lunch break
1.50 – 2.55 pm Rounds 4, 5
2.55 pm Snack break
3.05 pm Rounds 6, 7 (Final)
4.15 pm Awarding of prizes

Cash Prizes: for 1st, 2nd and 3rd open, and best adult, best U18, U16, U14, U12, U10, U8, highest scoring girl.

Prior registration required to allow planning

To avoid disappointment register now; don’t delay

**Entries are restricted to players under 1600 NZCF rapid rating as this is a Rookies event – which still includes 80% of rated chess players!
**In case of tied scores a tiebreak count back will be used to allocate prizes. Only one prize per competitor
**Age is based on the date of the tournament, not 1 Jan
**Event will go ahead providing a minimum of 18 registrants indicate attendance

There are two more weeks to run for the club championship. From 12 June we will run a winter rapid over 3 nights, two rounds per night, with time control 20/5

Club Champs Round 5 – Peter Leads

Posted: 23/05/2012 by Ian in Club News

Peter leads, but Hilton and William are breathing down his neck. Two more weeks to run and the 2012 Club Champ will be named.
The crosstable tells the story …..

1 Peter Hulshof 4.5 +B10 +W4 +B3 =W2 +W5
2 Hilton Bennett 4.0 +W8 +B7 =W5 =B1 +W4
3 William Lynn 4.0 +B9 +BYE -W1 +B5 +B10
4 Philip Rossiter 3.0 +W6 -B1 +W7 +W8 -B2
5 Stefan Wagner 2.0 +W11 =BYE =B2 -W3 -B1
6 Jess Fai 2.0 -B4 +W12 +B9
7 Gary Judkins 2.0 +B12 -W2 -B4 -W10 +W9
8 Ian Kennedy 2.0 -B2 -W9 +W10 -B4 +BYE
9 Craig Scott 1.5 -W3 +B8 -W6 =BYE -B7
10 Murray Tuatini 1.0 -W1 -B8 +B7 -W3
11 Colin Barrett-Hogg 1.0 -B5 +BYE
12 Kaylash Raman 0.0 -W7 -B6

Another set of tense battles last night. Still four contenders for the ultimate accolade with three rounds still to go.
Standings currently

1 Peter Hulshof 1500 NC 3.5 +B8 +W3 +B2 =W4
2 William Lynn 1882 NC 3.0 +B7 +BYE -W1 +B6
3 Philip Rossiter 1809 NC 3.0 +W5 -B1 +W10 +W9
4 Hilton Bennett 2116 NC 3.0 +W9 +B10 =W6 =B1
5 Jess Fai 1500 NC 2.0 -B3 +W12 +B7
6 Stefan Wagner 1941 NC 2.0 +W11 =BYE =B4 -W2
7 Craig Scott 1500 NC 1.5 -W2 +B9 -W5 =BYE
8 Murray Tuatini 1249 NC 1.0 -W1 -B9 +B10
9 Ian Kennedy 1480 NC 1.0 -B4 -W7 +W8 -B3
10 Gary Judkins 1619 NC 1.0 +B12 -W4 -B3 -W8
11 C. Barrett-Hogg 1500 NC 1.0 -B6 +BYE
12 Kaylash Raman 1500 NC 0.0 -W10 -B5

Round three produced a tense battle between Stefan and Hilton. Hilton had 2 bishops and a queen to Stefan’s queen and knight but with time ticking down for Hilton a draw was offered and accepted. Round four next week is likely to be just as tense. Standings at round 3

1 Peter Hulshof 3.0 +B11 +W7 +B3
2 Hilton Bennett 2.5 +W9 +B4 =W5
3 William Lynn 2.0 +B8 +BYE -W1
4 Philip Rossiter 2.0 +W6 -B1 +W4
5 Stefan Wagner 2.0 +W10 =BYE =B2
6 Jess Fai 2.0 -B7 +W12 +B8
7 Gary Judkins 1.0 +B12 -W2 -B7
8 Craig Scott 1.0 -W3 +B9 -W6
9 Ian Kennedy 1.0 -B2 -W8 +W11
10 Colin Barrett-Hogg 1.0 -B5 +BYE
11 Murray Tuatini 0.0 -W1 -B9
12 Kaylash Raman 0.0 -W4 -B6

St Pauls Rapid a great success

Posted: 07/05/2012 by Ian in Club News

St Pauls provided a very comfortable venue for the Annual Rapid Tournament run there by the club. Proceeds from the tournament have been donated to the New Zealand Chess Olympiad Fund. There were 36 entries and as usual a respectable contingent of Aucklanders made the effort to come down for the day. First overall was Ben Hague FM, dropping a half point to Peter Hulshof, a new recruit to the Hamilton club who previously played chess at a high level in Holland. Peter is a welcome addition to the club and to New Zealand chess having taken on the captaincy of the women’s team to the forthcoming Olympiad in Istanbul.  Second prize overall went to Hans Gao and Noel Pinic on 5 points each, while Peter Hulshof took out third place on 4.5.

In the under 1800 division first place was a three way split between Graham Nolan, William Crombie and Alphaeus Ang, all on 4 points. There was a five way split of the prize money in the under 1300 group between Daniel Gong, Joy Qin, Yuno Oh, Benjamin Simon and Christopher Simon. Daniel and Joy got to share the book prizes based on tie break score. Nicholas Huang and Craig Scott took out first and second place in the under 1000 division.  The Crosstable is here, and these are some photos

Newsflash: Website reaches 25000 hits

Posted: 04/05/2012 by Ian in Club News

Since its inception in February 2011 the club website has now received just a little over 25000 hits — 25086 to be precise. Typically we receive 35 to 50 views per day. Our best ever day was in March 2011 with 3121 hits courtesy of Lara Stock (WGM) and her father Michael Stock (2200+) who entered the Rookies Shield tournament under false names, swept the field, and made off with the prize money. That original post is here. Since then we have banned Grandmasters from entering the Rookies Shield Tournament, but are pleased to offer them free entry to our other club events.

Following hot on the heels of the successful ANZAC day rapid please find  the   St Pauls Rapid Entry Form advertising the St Pauls rapid next Sunday 6th May
This is a Myer Tan Grand Prix Class 2 Event with a total prize fund of $700
–Great venue
–Great prizes
–Great cause
–Great tournament
On line and postal registration as per the flyer
We look forward to seeing you there

Club Champs Round 2

Posted: 02/05/2012 by Ian in Club News

Round 2 sees William Peter and Hilton leading on 2 points. Craig Scott had a well deserved win against Ian. Dont forget to let Ian know if you want to take a bye with the next round. Standings can be found  here