NI Rapid Results Sep 2011

Well we had a bumper crop of 62 keen chess players from all over the North Island come to Hamilton for a wet Sunday perfect for playing chess. Mike Steadman and Paul Garbett (5.5/6) shared equal 1st in the Open and so they share the title of North Island Rapid Champion. Roy Seabrook took out the U1800 rating group, David Chen in the U1500 and there was a 4 way tie for 1st in the U1200 (Joy Qin, Daniel Gong, Yuno Oh, Bhum Aksharamat). In the unrated junior division, we had 1 winner (Rafael Alcantara) but 7 shared equal 2nd! Full details and pictures are  below.

No Name Total 1 2 3 4 5 6  
1 Paul   Garbett 5.5 32:W 16:W 8:W 4:W 2:W 3:D 1st =
2 Ben   Hague 5 33:W 17:W 9:W 5:W 1:L 4:W 3rd=
3 Michael   Steadman 5.5 34:W 18:W 10:W 6:W 11:W 1:D 1st =
4 Noel   Pinic 4 35:W 19:W 13:W 1:L 12:W 2:L  
5 Gino   Thornton 5 27:W 20:W 12:W 2:L 18:W 9:W 3rd=
6 John   Duneas 4.5 36:W 21:W 15:W 3:L 13:D 24:W  
7 Paul   Kuijpers 4.5 37:W 22:W 14:D 8:L 27:W 11:W  
8 Hans   Gao 4.5 38:W 23:W 1:L 7:W 15:D 26:W  
9 Luke Li 4 39:W 24:W 2:L 29:W 20:W 5:L  
10 Stefan   Wagner 4.5 40:W 25:W 3:L 28:W 24:D 15:W  
11 Andrew   Stone 3.5 41:W 26:D 16:W 14:W 3:L 7:L  
12 William   Lynn 4 42:W 28:W 5:L 25:W 4:L 29:W  
  Under   1800                
13 Roy   Seabrook 4.5 43:W 29:W 4:L 32:W 6:D 14:W 1st
14 Richard   Dare 3.5 45:W 30:W 7:D 11:L 23:W 13:L  
15 Don   Eade 3.5 46:W 44:W 6:L 34:W 8:D 10:L  
16 James   Kennedy 3.5 48:W 1:L 11:L 45:D 44:W 27:W  
17 Philip   Mukkattu 4 49:W 2:L 26:W 27:L 33:W 25:W 2nd=
18 Bob   Mitchell 4 50:W 3:L 35:W 30:W 5:L 28:W 2nd=
19 Chang   Zhai 3.5 51:W 4:L 27:L 39:W 34:D 59:W  
20 Leo   Zhang 3 52:W 5:L 36:W 33:W 9:L 30:L  
21 Bill   Crombie 4 53:W 6:L 37:L 46:W 36:W 32:W 2nd=
22 Simon   Lyall 3.5 54:W 7:L 38:D 62:W 26:L 39:W  
23 Matthew   Howe 2.5 55:W 8:L 39:D 31:W 14:L 34:L  
24 Michael   Budd 3.5 56:W 9:L 40:W 37:W 10:D 6:L  
  Under   1500                
25 Alphaeus   Ang 3 57:W 10:L 41:W 12:L 37:W 17:L  
26 Ian   Kennedy 3.5 58:W 11:D 17:L 38:W 22:W 8:L 2nd=
27 Kanchana   Wansapura 3 5:L 50:W 19:W 17:W 7:L 16:L  
28 Bill Li 3 59:W 12:L 42:W 10:L 40:W 18:L  
29 Gary   Judkins 3 60:W 13:L 45:W 9:L 56:W 12:L  
30 David   Chen 4 61:W 14:L 44:W 18:L 48:W 20:W 1st
31 Benjamin   Symon 3.5 62:D 32:L 43:W 23:L 58:W 45:W 2nd=
32 Ryan   Lee 3 1:L 31:W 46:W 13:L 47:W 21:L  
33 Matthew   Shewan 3 2:L 49:W 48:W 20:L 17:L 53:W  
34 Lillian   Dare 3.5 3:L 62:W 58:W 15:L 19:D 23:W 2nd=
35 Ra   Neilsford-Jones 3 4:L 51:W 18:L 48:L 50:W 55:W  
  Under   1200 & Junior                
36 Joy Shu   Yan Qin 3 6:L 53:W 20:L 50:W 21:L 48:W 1st=   u1200
37 Daniel   Gong 3 7:L 52:W 21:W 24:L 25:L 56:W 1st=   u1200
38 Sheng   Cao 2.5 8:L 55:W 22:D 26:L 59:L 51:W  
39 Christopher   Symon 2.5 9:L 54:W 23:D 19:L 62:W 22:L  
40 Yuno Oh 3 10:L 57:W 24:L 53:W 28:L 58:W 1st=   u1200
41 Michael   Torrance 2 11:L 56:W 25:L 58:L 45:L 50:W 2nd=   unr.
42 Anthony   Chilcott 2 12:L 59:W 28:L 56:L 51:L 60:W 2nd=   unr.
43 Junting   Wei 1 13:L 58:L 31:L 55:L 57:W 61:L  
44 Brandon   Harrison 2.5 47:W 15:L 30:L 59:D 16:L 62:W  
45 Daniel   Davis 2.5 14:L 61:W 29:L 16:D 41:W 31:L  
46 Bhum   Aksharamat 3 15:L 60:W 32:L 21:L 52:W 47:W 1st=   u1200
47 Leo   Xiong 2 44:L 48:L 55:W 61:W 32:L 46:L  
48 Nicole   Shu Yan Qin 2 16:L 47:W 33:L 35:W 30:L 36:L  
49 Yifei   Ma 1 17:L 33:L 62:L 60:W 53:L 52:L  
50 Maxim   Stephens 1 18:L 27:L 57:W 36:L 35:L 41:L  
51 Jiaqi   Jin 2 19:L 35:L 56:L 54:W 42:W 38:L 2nd=   unr.
52 Ruben   Kruger 2 20:L 37:L 59:L 57:W 46:L 49:W 2nd=   unr.
53 Non   Seehamart 2 21:L 36:L 60:W 40:L 49:W 33:L 2nd=   unr.
54 Top   Choochuay 0.5 22:L 39:L 61:D 51:L 55:L :  
55 Conor   Gyde 2 23:L 38:L 47:L 43:W 54:W 35:L 2nd=   unr.
56 Daniel   Ng 2 24:L 41:L 51:W 42:W 29:L 37:L  
57 Balijeevan   Bhatia 1 25:L 40:L 50:L 52:L 43:L :W  
58 Craig   Scott 2 26:L 43:W 34:L 41:W 31:L 40:L 2nd=   unr.
59 Rafael   Alcantara 2.5 28:L 42:L 52:W 44:D 38:W 19:L 1st   unr.
60 Sameer   Mandhan 1 29:L 46:L 53:L 49:L 61:W 42:L  
61 Corbyn   Noble-May 1.5 30:L 45:L 54:D 47:L 60:L 43:W  
62 Aaron   Wang 1.5 31:D 34:L 49:W 22:L 39:L 44:L  

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