North Island Rapid 2013 Results

1 Noel  Pinic 5.0 +B28 +W11 +B10 +W8 +W3 -B2
2 Hans  Gao 5.0 +W25 +B14 +W5 -B3 +W24 +W1
3 Robert  Smith 5.0 +B31 +W36 +B6 +W2 -B1 +W10
4 Michael  Freeman 5.0 +B22 +W37 =B9 +W23 =B8 +W11
5 Eddie  Tan 4.5 +B18 +W33 -B2 +W26 =B6 +W9
6 William  Zhang 4.5 +W30 +B16 -W3 +B14 =W5 +B21
7 Giovanni  Thornton 4.5 +W32 =B13 -W21 +B25 +W34 +B19
8 Paul  Garbett 4.0 +W34 +B17 +W24 -B1 =W4 =B13
9 Asheesh  Gautam 4.0 +W41 +B29 =W4 =B12 +W17 -B5
10 Benjamin  Lim 4.0 +W42 +B19 -W1 +B29 +W12 -B3
11 Graham  Nolan 4.0 +W51 -B1 +W30 +B21 +W15 -B4
12 Johnson  Li 4.0 +W50 =B15 +W13 =W9 -B10 +B25
13 Layla  Timergazi 4.0 +B49 =W7 -B12 +W20 +B23 =W8
14 Alphaeus  Ang 4.0 +B40 -W2 +B28 -W6 +B31 +W22
15 Helmut  Marko 4.0 +B39 =W12 =B23 +W37 -B11 +W26
16 Daniel  Gong 4.0 +B47 -W6 -B22 +W44 +B28 +W36
17 Leo  Zhang 4.0 +B54 -W8 +B31 +W22 -B9 +W27
18 Ian  Kennedy 4.0 -W5 -B38 +W46 +B41 +W42 +B24
19 Allen  Fan 3.5 +B53 -W10 =B20 +W33 +B36 -W7
20 Aaron  Wang 3.5 -W21 +B45 =W19 -B13 +B39 +W37
21 Stefan  Wagner 3.0 +B20 -W23 +B7 -W11 +B35 -W6
22 Olivia  Dong 3.0 -W4 +B48 +W16 -B17 +W29 -B14
23 Joy  Qin 3.0 +W45 +B21 =W15 -B4 -W13 =B34
24 Richard  Dare 3.0 +B44 +W35 -B8 +W27 -B2 -W18
25 Benjamin  Symon 3.0 -B2 +W40 +B33 -W7 +B37 -W12
26 Gary  Judkins 3.0 +B43 +W38 -B5 +W32 -B15
27 Vaughn  Ticar 3.0 -W29 +BYE +B35 -B24 +W30 -B17
28 Lillian  Dare 3.0 -W1 +B51 -W14 +B45 -W16 +B38
29 Steven  Holdaway 3.0 +B27 -W9 +B39 -W10 -B22 +W40
30 Nicole  Qin 3.0 -B6 +W47 -B11 +W43 -B27 +W39
31 Nigel  Marko 3.0 -W3 +B52 -W17 +B51 -W14 +B45
32 Tony  Wang 3.0 -B7 +W49 -B36 +W40 -B26 +W43
33 Vivian  Smith 3.0 +W38 -B5 -W25 -B19 +W51 +B42
34 Christoper  Symon 3.0 -B8 +W54 +B43 =W36 -B7 =W23
35 Richard  Jackson 3.0 +W46 -B24 -W27 +B38 -W21 +B41
36 Simon  Lyall 2.5 +W52 -B3 +W32 =B34 -W19 -B16
37 William  Crombie 2.0 +W48 -B4 +W42 -B15 -W25 -B20
38 Naveen  Saily 2.0 -B33 +W18 -B26 -W35 +B47 -W28
39 Aaron  Taylor 2.0 -W15 +B50 -W29 +B46 -W20 -B30
40 Darius  Hasan-Stein 2.0 -W14 -B25 +W50 -B32 +W46 -B29
41 Lucas  Salazar 2.0 -B9 -W43 +B49 -W18 +B48 -W35
42 Daniel  Davis 2.0 -B10 +W53 -B37 +W47 -B18 -W33
43 Brijesh  Sivabalan 2.0 -W26 +B41 -W34 -B30 +W52 -B32
44 Finlay  Buckel 2.0 -W24 -B46 +W48 -B16 -W45 +W49
45 Daniel  Salazar 2.0 -B23 -W20 +B54 -W28 +B44 -W31
46 Shilong  Yang 2.0 -B35 +W44 -B18 -W39 -B40 +W53
47 Oscar  Qin 2.0 -W16 -B30 +W52 -B42 -W38 +B51
48 William  Morrow 2.0 -B37 -W22 -B44 +W54 -W41 +B52
49 Alex  Lee 1.5 -W13 -B32 -W41 =B50 +W54 -B44
50 Max  Shi 1.5 -B12 -W39 -B40 =W49 -B53 +B54
51 Michelle  Kong 1.0 -B11 -W28 +B53 -W31 -B33 -W47
52 Adam  Hasan-Stein 1.0 -B36 -W31 -B47 +W53 -B43 -W48
53 Emma  Salazar 1.0 -W19 -B42 -W51 -B52 +W50 -B46
54 Mikey  Cadman 0.0 -W17 -B34 -W45 -B48 -B49 -W50
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