13 Aug Results

A small but ‘concentrated’ group battled hard today over 6 rounds of 20’+5″ chess. Richard Dare came 1st overall, with Roy Seabrook picking up the rating group prize for best U1800, Gary Judkins 1st for U1500, Peter Griffin 2nd in the U1500 and the surprise package was Kanchana Wansapura who was sharing the lead at one stage. He ended up with the Best unrated player prize. I am sure we will hear more about him in future events.

My thanks to the juniors who came along and put up a strong showing throughout the day.

A full cross table is below.

1 DARE, RICHARD J 1st 5.5 11:W 10:W 2:W 4:W 6:D 3:W
2 SEABROOK, ROY 1st U1800 5 13:W 3:W 1:L 7:W 9:W 6:W
3 JUDKINS, GARY L 1st U1500 4 14:W 2:L 12:W 11:W 4:W 1:L
4 WANSAPURA, KANCHANA Best unrated 4 8:W 6:W 10:W 1:L 3:L 12:W
5 GRIFFIN, PETER 2nd U1500 4 10:L 11:L 8:W 12:W 13:W 7:W
6 BUDD, MICHAEL 3.5 7:W 4:L 13:W 9:W 1:D 2:L
7 SYMON, CHRISTOPHER 3 6:L 8:W 14:W 2:L 10:W 5:L
8 LOPER, BRETT 3 4:L 7:L 5:L 14:W 11:W 13:W
9 KENNEDY, IAN 3 12:L 14:W 11:W 6:L 2:L 10:W
10 LI, BILL 2 5:W 1:L 4:L 13:W 7:L 9:L
11 DARE, LILLIAN 2 1:L 5:W 9:L 3:L 8:L 14:W
12 MA, YIFEI 2 9:W 13:L 3:L 5:L 14:W 4:L
13 SYMON, BENJAMIN 1 2:L 12:W 6:L 10:L 5:L 8:L
14 TEOW, ALISTER 0 3:L 9:L 7:L 8:L 12:L 11:L

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