Spring Cup Continued

Posted: 05/11/2014 by Ian in Club News

Twenty two in the Spring Cup last night. Richard and Fuatai share the lead on five points each but four others are snapping at their heels. Richard and Fuatai have yet to face off in what will certainly be a keenly fought battle. Two rounds at 25 + 0 next week to complete the tournament.

1 Richard Dare 5.0 +W11 +B9 +W3 +B8 -W4 +B6
2 Fuatai 5.0 +W10 -B3 +W11 +B7 +B5 +W4
3 William Lynn 4.0 +B13 +W2 -B1 +W5 -B6 +W9
4 Hilton Bennett 4.0 +B6 +W15 -B5 +W12 +B1 -B2
5 Graham Nolan 4.0 +W12 +B7 +W4 -B3 -W2 +B10
6 Matt Crombie 4.0 -W4 +B17 +W9 +B14 +W3 -W1
7 Richard Jackson 4.0 +B16 -W5 +B13 -W2 +B12 +W15
8 Stefan Wagner 3.0 +W18 +B14 +W10 -W1
9 Ian Kennedy 3.0 +W17 -W1 -B6 +B11 +W14 -B3
10 Gary Judkins 3.0 -B2 +W18 -B8 +W13 +B15 -W5
11 Joel Crombie 3.0 -B1 +W16 -B2 -W9 +B20 +W19
12 Sean Clark 3.0 -B5 +W22 +B15 -B4 -W7 +W16
13 Elijah DeWit 2.5 -W3 +B19 -W7 -B10 +W17 =B14
14 Dhusar Chatterjee 2.5 +B22 -W8 +B18 -W6 -B9 =W13
15 Murray Tuatini 2.0 +W19 -B4 -W12 +B17 -W10 -B7
16 Jeff Xiang 2.0 -W7 -B11 -W19 +B18 +W21 -B12
17 Jarvis Xiang 2.0 -B9 -W6 +B22 -W15 -B13 +W20
18 Nithin Perumal 2.0 -B8 -B10 -W14 -W16 +B23 +W22
19 Suriya Srinivasan 2.0 -B15 -W13 +B16 -W20 +B22 -B11
20 Adam Hasan-Stein 1.0 +B19 -W11 -B17
21 Darius Hasan-Stein 1.0 -W22 -B16 +W23
22 Thys Joubert 1.0 -W14 -B12 -W17 +B21 -W19 -B18
23 Joel Kaumoana 0.0 -W18 -B21

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