Momentum Blitz

Posted: 26/11/2014 by Ian in Club News

Eighteen players turned out for momentum blitz last night. We had four rounds at time control 3 + 2, and four rounds at 5 + 3. It was arduous stuff but everyone stuck through to the end, with Stefan taking line honours on 7 points, drawing with Graham and Richard who tied for second on 6.5. Murray managed five points, which is pretty good considering he missed the first game. Ratings have been updated as usual.

1 Stefan Wagner 7.0 =B2 +W10 +B12 +W8 +B7 +W4 =B3 +W5
2 Graham Nolan 6.5 =W1 +B17 +W15 +B5 -W3 +B6 +B4 +W7
3 Richard Dare 6.5 +B10 +W12 -B4 +W14 +B2 +W7 =W1 +B8
4 Sivoram Manoharan 5.0 +W5 +B8 +W3 -W7 +B13 -B1 -W2 +B9
5 Gary Judkins 5.0 -B4 +W6 +B9 -W2 +B14 +W8 +B7 -B1
6 Murray Tuatini 5.0 -B5 +W11 +B15 +W12 -W2 +B16 +W13
7 Richard Jackson 4.0 +W17 +B15 +W14 +B4 -W1 -B3 -W5 -B2
8 Ian Kennedy 4.0 +B18 -W4 +B13 -B1 +W9 -B5 +W12 -W3
9 Jeff XIang 4.0 -W15 +B16 -W5 +B17 -B8 +W11 +B10 -W4
10 Finn Roy 4.0 -W3 -B1 -W16 +B18 +W15 +B17 -W9 +B14
11 Jarvis Xiang 4.0 -B12 +W18 -B6 -W13 +W17 -B9 +W15 +B16
12 Adam Hasan-Stein 3.5 +W11 -B3 -W1 +B16 -B6 =W13 -B8 +W18
13 Darius Hasan_Stein 3.5 +W16 -B14 -W8 +B11 -W4 =B12 +W17 -B6
14 Dhushar Chaterjee 3.0 +BYE +W13 -B7 -B3 -W5 -W16 +B18 -W10
15 Calib Wilson 3.0 +B9 -W7 -B2 -W6 -B10 +W18 -B11 +W17
16 Nithin Perumal 3.0 -B13 -W9 +B10 -W12 +W18 +B14 -W6 -W11
17 Finn Birnie-Selwyn 1.0 -B7 -W2 +B18 -W9 -B11 -W10 -B13 -B15
18 Thys Joubert 0.0 -W8 -B11 -W17 -W10 -B16 -B15 -W14 -B12

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