Huge Turnout For Autumn Cup

Posted: 18/02/2015 by Ian in Club News

The Autumn Cup kicked off last night with a staggering 28 participants, by far the best turn out for a club night yet, and boding well for the health of the club in 2015. After the first three rounds Hugo, Hilton, and Richard are in the lead with 3 points each. We will have three more rounds next week at time control 15+0, and then there will be two rounds of 25+0 on the final night. After that it will be straight in to the club champs. The crosstable for the Autumn cup so far is located here and the draw for round four assuming everyone turns up is located here. Please if you know you are not going to be there on the night let me know beforehand. Next week clocks will be starting at 7:30 sharp, so dont be late.


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