Changes At The Club

Posted: 12/10/2015 by Ian in Club News

Over the last several months there has been discussion among senior members with respect to the direction of the club.

The Hamilton Chess Club exists for the benefit of members that want to play serious chess in a controlled, relatively quiet, peaceful environment. In addition there are issues of responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of youngsters (think: broken arm following a fall on the stairs, or an exuberant dash across the carpark late at night).

In respect of the above the executive have decided that henceforth:

The minimum age for new club members will be 12 years. In addition any member under the age of 14 must be fully supervised by a parent or guardian while participating at the club – no exceptions.

Exisiting members under the age of 12 can continue uninterrupted membership as at present, but we  will require a parent or guardian to remain on site during club nights.

We regret this change may disappoint some of our younger juniors but believe it to be necessary to best enable us to ensure the long term vigour of chess in the Waikato. We would encourage younger players to become more fully involved with school chess clubs (and request that their school start one if necessary). We thank all our parents for their understanding. In addition Richard Jackson has indicated he may consider hosting a chess club solely for juniors if a suitable venue can be identified.


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