Autumn (3): Record Turnout For Club Night

Posted: 13/06/2018 by Ian in Club News

We had a new club record last night with 32 players turning up to join in the fun. In the end it was Richard on 5.5 for the tournament, followed by Prashanth and Hilton. That concludes the Autumn cup season and we will kick off the club rapid from next week

1 Richard_Dare 5.5 +B13 +W4 +B7 +W2 +B8 =W3
2 Prashant_Mistry 5.0 +B8 +W6 +B5 -B1 +W4 +W7
3 Hilton_Bennett 4.5 +W16 -B5 +W26 +B6 +W7 =B1
4 William_Lynn 4.0 +W17 -B1 +B14 +W13 -B2 +W8
5 William_Crombie 4.0 +B32 +W3 -W2 -B7 +W16 +B9
6 Michael_Lin 4.0 +W27 -B2 +W19 -W3 +B24 +B16
7 Milton_Severinsen 3.0 +W21 +B9 -W1 +W5 -B3 -B2
8 Leo_Dizon 3.0 -W2 +B27 +W9 +B14 -W1 -B4
9 Ian_Kennedy 3.0 +B24 -W7 -B8 +W17 +B13 -W5
10 Rowan_Lightfoot 3.0 -W19 +B17 -W18 -B16 +W14 +B20
11 Ruchira Silva 3.0 +B34 +W28 +B21
12 Alex Treat 3.0 +W29 +B33 +W17
13 Kevin_Li 2.5 -W1 +B19 +W32 -B4 -W9 =B15
14 Richard_Jackson 2.5 +B33 =B26 -W4 -W8 -B10 +W24
15 Nathaniel Loy 2.5 +W33 +B27 =W13
16 Murray_Tuatini 2.0 -B3 -W32 +B24 +W10 -B5 -W6
17 Joel_Crombie 2.0 -B4 -W10 +W33 -B9 +W23 -B12
18 Sean_Clark 2.0 -W26 +B33 +B10
19 Lasen_Silva 2.0 +B10 -W13 -B6 -W24 -B20 +W29
20 Max Stephens 2.0 +B22 +W19 -W10
21 Daniel_Dizon 2.0 -B7 -W24 -B27 +W30 +B25 -W11
22 Talmage Scirkovich 2.0 -W20 +B30 +W33
23 Josef Gillgren 2.0 +W31 -B17 +W27
24 Andy_Song 2.0 -W9 +B21 -W16 +B19 -W6 -B14
25 CamSundararaj 2.0 +B35 -W21 +B28
26 Graham_Nolan 1.5 +B18 =W14 -B3
27 Richard_Ismay 1.0 -B6 -W8 +W21 -B28 -W15 -B23
28 Isaac Kim 1.0 +W27 -B11 -W25
29 Shan Sundararaj 1.0 -B12 +W35 -B19
30 Vinnie Gillgren 1.0 -B21 -W22 +B34
31 Jean Purcell 1.0 -B23 +W34
32 Ronja_Ripp 1.0 -W5 +B16 -B13
33 Maureen_Murphy 0.0 -W14 -W18 -B17 -B15 -W12 -B22
34 Jae Park 0.0 -W11 -B31 -W30
35 Josh Haltham 0.0 -W25 -B29




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