Ice Breaker Blitz

Posted: 06/03/2019 by Ian in Club News

The icebreaker blitz was our first club night of the year. Results are posted below and club ratings have been updated to include this tournament.

1 Richard_Dare 6.0 +W16 +B5 +W9 +B2 +W3 +B4
2 Graham_Nolan 5.0 +B15 +W10 +B4 -W1 +B5 +W8
3 Michael_Lin 4.5 +W14 +B6 =W8 +B9 -B1 +W10
4 Max_Stephens 4.0 +W7 +B13 -W2 +B12 +B10 -W1
5 William_Lynn 4.0 +W17 -W1 +B16 +B8 -W2 +B9
6 William_Crombie 4.0 +B34 -W3 -W12 +B14 +W11 +B19
7 Richard_Jackson 4.0 -B4 +W18 -B11 +W15 +B17 +W12
8 Eushin_Kang 3.5 +B18 +W11 =B3 -W5 +B13 -B2
9 Christopher_Symon 3.0 +W19 +B12 -B1 -W3 +B16 -W5
10 Gary_Judkins 3.0 +W20 -B2 +W14 +B11 -W4 -B3
11 Paul_Dalley 3.0 +W13 -B8 +W7 -W10 -B6 +B20
12 Nathanial_Loy 3.0 +W21 -W9 +B6 -W4 +B15 -B7
13 Rowan_Lightfoot 3.0 -B11 -W4 +B21 +W18 -W8 +B17
14 Joel_Crombie 3.0 -B3 +W34 -B10 -W6 +B21 +W16
15 Leo_Dizon 2.5 -W2 =B20 +W19 -B7 -W12 +B21
16 Cam_Sundararaj 2.0 -B1 +W17 -W5 +B19 -W9 -B14
17 Daniel_Dizon 2.0 -B5 -B16 +W34 +B20 -W7 -W13
18 Sean_Clark 2.0 -W8 -B7 +W20 -B13 -W19 +W34
19 Andy_Song 2.0 -B9 +W21 -B15 -W16 +B18 -W6
20 Daniel_Loy 1.5 -B10 =W15 -B18 -W17 +B34 -W11
21 Peter­Parker 1.0 -B12 -B19 -W13 +B34 -W14 -W15

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