Reopening moves a little closer ….. (we hope)

Posted: 26/04/2022 by Ian in Club News

The Hamilton Chess Club remains in recess for the moment as result of the current COVID situation. The club will review its position at the end of June, in the light of changes in infection levels in the community, options for playing chess over the board in this situation, and the requirements of our playing venue. We will update our members again at that point. In the meantime, any portions of player subs will be carried forward as previously indicated. Obviously we all look forward to being able to meet and play again safely at some point, but at present we feel that this is the right option.

  1. Richard says:

    Might as well dismantle the Chess club considering at this rate it will never re-open due to all the over pre cautions. We are currently at Orange level and Vaccine passes are no longer needed borders have been re-opened up for tourists from overseas a high amount of New Zealanders have been vaccinated therefore there should be a high level or Heard Immunity by now according to the professionals and the tourism industry is getting back into operation therefore there is no need to postpone the Chess club re-opening this is the best time to re-open like everything else is why wait another 2 months? it makes no sense at all. Officially there is no Chess club in Hamilton considering how long it has been closed for, Therefore making this post irrelevant in the first place.