Spring 20-0 To Richard

Posted: 07/11/2019 by Ian in Club News
1 Richard  Dare 5.5 +W13 +B3 +W4 =B2 +W5 +B9
2 Michael  Lin 4.5 +B8 -W7 +B16 =W1 +B6 +B4
3 William  Lynn 4.0 +W5 -W1 +B7 +B12 -W4 +B10
4 Prashant  Mistry 4.0 +W19 +B14 -B1 +W7 +B3 -W2
5 Richard  Jackson 4.0 -B3 +B13 +W11 +W6 -B1 +W7
6 Andy  Song 3.0 -W14 +B19 +W18 -B5 -W2 +B11
7 Gary  Judkins 2.0 +W18 +B2 -W3 -B4 -W10 -B5
8 Kaeden  Govender 2.0 -W2 +B11 +W14
9 Robert Craig 2.0 +W17 +B15 -W1
10 Rowan Lightfoot 2.0 +BYE +B7 -W3
11 Ian  Kennedy 1.5 -B16 -W8 -B5 =W15 +B17 -W6
12 Phillip Rice 1.5 -W3 +BYE =B15
13 Nathanial  Loy 1.0 -B1 -W5 +B19
14 Daniel  Loy 1.0 +B6 -W4 -B8
15 Graham Nolan 1.0 =B11 -W9 =W12
16 Murray  Tuatini 1.0 +W11 -B18 -W2
17 Byron 1.0 -B9 -W11 +BYE
18 Joel  Crombie 1.0 -B7 +W16 -B6
19 Sean  Clark 0.0 -B4 -W6 -W13

Spring 20-0 At Round 3

Posted: 31/10/2019 by Ian in Club News
1 Richard_Dare 3.0 +W9 +B2 +W5
2 William_Lynn 2.0 +W7 -W1 +B4
3 Michael_Lin 2.0 +B6 -W4 +B12
4 Gary_Judkins 2.0 +W11 +B3 -W2
5 Prashant_Mistry 2.0 +W14 +B10 -B1
6 Kaeden_Govender 2.0 -W3 +B13 +W10
7 Richard_Jackson 2.0 -B2 +B9 +W13
8 Andy_Song 2.0 -W10 +B14 +W11
9 Nathanial_Loy 1.0 -B1 -W7 +B14
10 Daniel_Loy 1.0 +B8 -W5 -B6
11 Joel_Crombie 1.0 -B4 +W12 -B8
12 Murray_Tuatini 1.0 +W13 -B11 -W3
13 Ian_Kennedy 0.0 -B12 -W6 -B7
14 Sean_Clark 0.0 -B5 -W8 -W9

Spring Rapid Tied

Posted: 22/10/2019 by Ian in Club News
1 Michael  Lin 5.5 +B10 +W5 =W2 +B4 +W12 +B3
2 Richard  Dare 5.5 +B11 +W13 =B1 +W3 +B5 +W7
3 Prashant  Mistry 4.0 +W18 +B8 +W4 -B2 +W13 -W1
4 Graham  Nolan 4.0 +B6 +W7 -B3 -W1 +B15 +W8
5 William  Lynn 3.0 +W19 -B1 +B7 -W6 -W2 +B12
6 Max  Stephens 3.0 -W4 +B23 +W10 +B5
7 Ian  Kennedy 3.0 +B24 -B4 -W5 +W20 +B11 -B2
8 Rowan  Lightfoot 3.0 +B12 -W3 -B15 +W11 +B9 -B4
9 William  Crombie 3.0 +B21 +B18 -W8 +W15
10 Kaeden Govender 2.5 -W1 +B19 -B6 =W17 -B16 +W21
11 Richard  Jackson 2.5 -W2 +B24 =W12 -B8 -W7 +B16
12 Andy  Song 2.5 -W8 +BYE =B11 +W15 -B1 -W5
13 Robert Craig 2.0 +B15 -B2 -B3 +W19
14 Ben  Wright 2.0 +B23 +W16
15 Gary  Judkins 2.0 -W13 +B18 +W8 -B12 -W4 -B9
16 Daniel  Loy 2.0 +BYE -B14 +W10 -W11
17 Sean Clark 1.5 +W19 =B10
18 Nathanial  Loy 1.0 -B3 -W15 +B22 -W9
19 Murray  Tuatini 1.0 -B5 -W10 -B17 -W22 +W21 -B13
20 Philip Rice 1.0 +BYE -B7
21 Leon Lee 1.0 -W9 +BYE -B19 -B10
22 Joel Crombie 1.0 -W18 +B19
23 Leonardo 0.0 -W14 -W6
24 Matthew 0.0 -W7 -W11

cp4Our club juniors continue to go from strength to strength and turned in a stunning performance today at the NZ Chess Power Nationals

Kaeden Govender (Southwell) won the Junior school division of the with a clean slate score of  9/9, while Michael Lin won the Open (senior school) division with 8.5/9. Both earn the Power Chess Junior Master title as well as gold medals and certificates.  HBHS won the secondary school team event, beating long time holders, Mt Roskill College, by a point. Michael top scored  in that event, too, with 8/9 while the rest of the team all scored 6/9.



Congratulations to the Hamilton Boys High team and coach Graham Nolan on coming third at the national secondary school chess championships. Club stalwarts Max Michaeal Nathaniel and Eushin came clear third behind Macleans and Auckland Grammer. The team lost to Macleans 3-1,  had 2-2 against Auckland Grammer and Mount Roskill, and beat Kings and Avondale, all of which had been seeded in the top six. The result augurs well for next year as all four players will still be at school, and all are making steady improvement in their chess based on club rankings.

Club Blitz Crosstable From 10/9

Posted: 25/09/2019 by Ian in Club News

Belated posting

1 Richard   Dare 5.5 +B14 +W8 +B5 +W9 =B2 +W4
2 Prashant   Mistry 4.0 +B13 =W3 +B8 +W5 =W1 -B6
3 Andrew   Malcouronne 4.0 +W7 =B2 -W4 +B10 +B9 =W8
4 Joel   Crombie 4.0 +B15 -W9 +B3 +W13 +B6 -B1
5 Michael   Lin 4.0 +W12 +B16 -W1 -B2 +W11 +B13
6 Andy   Song 4.0 +B10 +W14 -B9 +B11 -W4 +W2
7 Eushin Kang 4.0 -B3 -W15 +B17 +W14 +B13 +W9
8 Max   Stephens 3.5 +W18 -B1 -W2 +B12 +W16 =B3
9 Hilton Bennett 3.0 +W11 +B4 +W6 -B1 -W3 -B7
10 Rowan   Lightfoot 3.0 -W6 +B12 -W11 -W3 +B17 +B16
11 Sean   Clark 3.0 -B9 +W17 +B10 -W6 -B5 +W15
12 Ian   Kennedy 3.0 -B5 -W10 +B15 -W8 +B14 +W18
13 Kaeden Govender 2.0 -W2 +B18 +W16 -B4 -W7 -W5
14 Richard   Jackson 2.0 -W1 -B6 +W18 -B7 -W12 +B17
15 Leonardo 2.0 -W4 +B7 -W12 -B16 +W18 -B11
16 Gary Judkins 2.0 +B17 -W5 -B13 +W15 -B8 -W10
17 Zane Brown 1.0 -W16 -B11 -W7 +B18 -W10 -W14
18 David Lee 0.0 -B8 -W13 -B14 -W17 -B15 -B12

Club In Recess

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We re-convene 15 October, see you then