We are on the move – HELP!

Posted: 29/06/2011 by Scott in Club News

After a few (6?) months of occupation of the Hamilton Club by the Hamilton Chess Club, and after the 100 year history of the Hamilton Club, we have had verbal notice (so far) that we will have to move out of the Hamilton Club in September (yes, this year), due to the building being relocated (a little closer to the river).

I would expect the relocation and refurbishment to take about 1 year to complete, though this is just my guess of the time frame. The large upstairs space would be demolished, not moved (sad face).

For now, nothing has changed, and events such as the Hamilton Rapids and Rookies Shield will continue as normal, up to September. But we need to find a new premise soon.

I would be happy to field any suggestions for where we could move to, that we could afford, etc. Are there any schools with a hall that is available for rent for a few hours a week (cheap cheap rates), with some tables and chairs thrown in? Please use the contact form to get in touch.


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