Having a Brazilian

Posted: 31/01/2012 by Scott in Club News

..playing a Brazilian chess player I mean! The club is organising for tonight that we can play a simul against the Brazilian IM Herman van Riemsdijk. Herman is visiting Hamilton for a few days and we are very pleased to have him here so that he can share his knowledge of chess and talk about his worldwide experiences.

Tonight it will be a timed simul (ie using clocks), to give us some certainty of a finish time 😉 and to allow a more level playing field for all.  Entry fee for the simul is $12.

Herman has played against a range of present and past world champions and top flight chess players, and I am sure he will have a lot to share with us. So please come along on our opening club night from 7pm for some fun and entertainment.

Update: Herman (pictured) was a pleasure to host last night. 12 players took him on and the score line was 11-0-1 to Herman, one win coming from our newest member and a fellow dutchman, Peter Hulshof. We are getting people from all over the world coming to the Hamilton Chess Club 😉

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