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Club Championship 2012 kicks off

Posted: 27/04/2012 by Scott in Club News
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The club champs started this week with 12 players.  Next week will be your last chance to participate and achieve the glory and accolades that come with being Club Champion 2012. Remember entry is $5 to go towards prizes and please bring along your membership subscription if you havent already paid for 2012.

If you enter next week you will be considered to have used up your one permissible bye. There will be a prize for the prettiest combination giving a decisive winning advantage, so don’t forget to nominate a combination from your game if you think you are in contention. The cross table will be produced next week after round 2.

Chess in art through the ages

Posted: 06/02/2012 by Scott in Club News
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I was just made aware of this you tube link to about 400 paintings where chess is shown in some fashion. Interesting to see how it has changed through the years. Quite a few women playing as well, and most of them are clothed and looking serious about it. Just two examples are posted here.

And while I have your attention, just a reminder that the club is up and going for this year as usual, from 5.45pm Tuesdays for chess coaching and from 7pm for regular club night. This Tuesday we are planning the year’s activities, so stay tuned for a refreshed calendar of events.

Having a Brazilian

Posted: 31/01/2012 by Scott in Club News

..playing a Brazilian chess player I mean! The club is organising for tonight that we can play a simul against the Brazilian IM Herman van Riemsdijk. Herman is visiting Hamilton for a few days and we are very pleased to have him here so that he can share his knowledge of chess and talk about his worldwide experiences.

Tonight it will be a timed simul (ie using clocks), to give us some certainty of a finish time 😉 and to allow a more level playing field for all.  Entry fee for the simul is $12.

Herman has played against a range of present and past world champions and top flight chess players, and I am sure he will have a lot to share with us. So please come along on our opening club night from 7pm for some fun and entertainment.

Update: Herman (pictured) was a pleasure to host last night. 12 players took him on and the score line was 11-0-1 to Herman, one win coming from our newest member and a fellow dutchman, Peter Hulshof. We are getting people from all over the world coming to the Hamilton Chess Club 😉

Chess at Parachute 2012

Posted: 30/01/2012 by Scott in Club News
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An enjoyable 4 days were had at Mystery Creek for chess being played on the Village Green at the Parachute music festival (27-30 Jan). It was a chance to promote the club and chess in general. Some pics are attached to here. We had a large outdoor set, kindly donated for the weekend by St Pauls Collegiate (thanks Gary Judkins) and 6 regular sets on outdoor tables. The kids at Parachute enjoyed the chance to get into chess between the music shows and other amusements.

Club Rapid Championship Update

Posted: 01/03/2011 by Scott in Club News

This 7-round 20+5 tournament started 4 weeks ago (we are playing 1 round on each club night). After 4 rounds, and with a few players taking the odd 1/2 point bye, Hilton Bennett is the outright leader. See the current cross table under events, that also includes the provisional draw for the next round. Go Stefan to reign in the bolter!.

Club rapid championship continues

Posted: 23/02/2011 by Scott in Club News

We had a good turn out (over 9 boards) last night for round 2 (of 7) for this tournament, despite the recent tragic news from Christchurch. Hilton Bennett, Richard Dare and Richard Jackson remain undefeated, with Erwin Pacua a half point behind. These 4 should meet in round 3 next week.

It was encouraging to now have 25 club members. This is more than double from 6 months ago. It is especially good to see we have 5 junior members.