Rookies event 1, a vanishing trend?

Posted: 28/02/2012 by Scott in Club News
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I am finding it hard to get the numbers to run this event, this is a first. But it has got me wondering about the format of having a single division. Perhaps it gets run in say 3 divisions: U1600, U1300 and ‘U1400 and under 14’.

This at least would stop kids complaining about ‘having to play adults’ (well, those that qualify for the 3rd division). A single division has worked well before however. I realise we all have other things to do, so chess may get put down the list…

On a brighter note, we start the Autumn Rapid tonight at the club, 6 rounds of 25’+5″ chess, 2 games a night for three consecutive Tuesdays. This is free for members (visitors pay $5 per night).

Update 05/03: A great day was had by all 24 players and supporters. Full commentary, results and pictures are here.


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