Contender For “Best Tactical Combination”

Posted: 27/05/2012 by Ian in Club News

As well as leading the field for the title of Club Champion 2012, Peter Hulshof is now the main contender for the “Best Tactic Or Combination Leading To A Decisive Winning Advantage” award following a clever sequence in last week’s game against Stefan. His 16 Bf4 forces the black e-pawn forward which, following B x P both clears the e file and compels the knight onto e5, where it can be pinned against the king. The knight then falls to f4 followed by f4 x N. With his position in tatters, Stefan’s only recourse was to resign. Full analysis can be found here. Next week is the penultimate round for the Club Champs, but it will be your last chance to submit a combination for the above award.

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