3 + 2 Blitz To Start The Year

Posted: 06/02/2013 by Ian in Club News

We had 15 returning members for the first night of the year. We also welcome Eddie Tan. Eddie has emigrated from the UK and attended as a prospective new member. The year kicked off with a favourite of Richard — 3 + 2 blitz, in a tournament of eight rounds. Hilton missed round one but still managed to come out on top with a score of 7. Crosstable is below

1 Hilton 7.0 +BYE +B11 +W7 +W3 +B4 +W2 +B5
2= William 5.5 +BYE +B13 +W6 +B3 -W4 =W7 -B1 +W10
James 5.5 +B14 +W12 +B4 -W2 -B1 +B6 =W5 +W7
4= Stefan 5.0 +W15 +B10 -W3 +B5 +B2 -W1 -B7 +W8
Richard 5.0 +B7 +W14 +B12 -W4 +B9 =W11 =B3 -W1
6 Christopher 4.5 +B9 =W7 -B2 +W12 +B11 -W3 -W8 +B13
7= Daniel Ng 4.0 -W5 =B6 +W13 -B1 +W10 =B2 +W4 -B3
Grace 4.0 +W9 -B14 -W11 +B12 +W15 +B6 -B4
Ian 4.0 -W6 -B8 +W15 +B13 -W5 +B14 -B10 +BYE
Gary 4.0 -B12 -W4 +BYE +W14 -B7 +B13 +W9 -B2
11 Murray 3.5 -W13 +B15 -W1 +B8 -W6 =B5 -W12 +B14
12= Benjamin 3.0 +W10 -B3 -W5 -B6 -W8 +BYE +B11 -W15
Daniel Davis 3.0 +B11 -W2 -B7 -W9 +B15 -W10 +BYE -W6
14= Craig 2.5 -W3 -B5 +W8 -B10 +BYE -W9 =B15 -W11
Emmy 2.5 -B4 -W11 -B9 +BYE -W13 -B8 =W14 +B12

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