Club Champs Round Five, Ratings Sparks Fly

Posted: 14/05/2013 by Ian in Club News

Round five once again provided some red hot games. Michael and Hilton went into a Kings Indian Defence in the first showdown of the club heavyweights. Hilton swapped a queen for minor pieces but in the end Michael came through to take the game 1-0. Daniel managed to create passed pawns on both sides of the board against Graham for a well deserved win. Damian and Sivoram’s game was very close and could have gone either way down to the last move, but Damian came through in the end. Damian Michael and Daniel were the biggest winners of rating points on the night picking up 21, 18, and 11 respectively. Player ratings, summary statistics, and individual member crosstables have all been updated to reflect tonight’s games, and the updated crosstable has been posted under events. Three rounds to go.


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