Club Rapid: Sharp End Approaches – Two Rounds Next Week

Posted: 21/08/2013 by Ian in Club News

We had round 6 last night. In the A division Eddie and Hilton are tied on 4 points each. We have some catch up games to play however, which means that the ultimate winner is as yet far from clear. Hilton and Eddie have a catch up game left over from round 2, with Asheesh and Graham needing to make up their missed game from round 6. In order to accommodate the round 7 games, and the catch up games, the time control will be 20 + 0 with a prompt start at 7:15. So the draw for the A division next week looks like this (note that Michael has said he can not make it next week, so Sivoram will take a point for the bye).

Round 7 Catch Ups


In the B division Daniel goes in to round 7 with a 1 point lead and looks likely to take out first place.


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