Hilton Scores Well In South Island Championship

Posted: 13/11/2013 by Ian in Club News

Hilton scored a creditable 4th =  with 5.5 out of a possible 9  in the recent South Island Champs held in Nelson, October 9th to 13th. His only losses were to the IMs that came first and second.

1 Wang, Pu Chen 2379 IM 9.0 +B10 +W7 +B3 +W4 +B2 +W5 +B8 +W6 +B14
2 Solomon, Stephen 2404 IM 7.0 +W8 +B13 +W6 +B9 -W1 -B3 +W12 +B4 +W5
3 Wohl, Aleksandar 2364 IM 7.0 +W11 +B9 -W1 +B20 +W13 +W2 -B4 +B7 +W15
4 Johnson, Quentin 2144 5.5 +W14 +B24 +W15 -B1 =W12 =B13 +W3 -W2 =B9
5 Bennett, Hilton 2100 CM 5.5 =W17 +B20 =W12 +B24 +W6 -B1 =W7 +B16 -B2
6 Chan, Peng Kong 2263 IM 5.5 +B23 +W21 -B2 =W7 -B5 +W10 +B13 -B1 +W16
7 Van,  Dijk Peter 2076 5.0 +W25 -B1 +W11 =B6 +W15 =B12 =B5 -W3 =B8
8 Benson, Christopher 1895 5.0 -B2 +W19 +W28 -B13 +W9 +B11 -W1 =B10 =W7
9 Rains, Timothy 2003 5.0 +B18 -W3 +B14 -W2 -B8 +W26 =B23 +W25 =W4
10 Timergazi, Layla 1889 5.0 -W1 +B25 -W13 +B26 =W24 -B6 +W18 =W8 +B23
11 Dolejs, Dan 1871 5.0 -B3 +W18 -B7 +W27 +B17 -W8 -B14 +B22 +W20
12 Kempen, Leon 1970 CM 5.0 +W29 =B15 =B5 +W21 =B4 =W7 -B2 =W14 =B13
13 Rains, Edward 2092 4.5 +B19 -W2 +B10 +W8 -B3 =W4 -W6 =B24 =W12
14 Nicholls, Leighton 1854 4.5 -B4 +W26 -W9 +B28 +W20 -B15 +W11 =B12 -W1
15 Donaldson, Bruce 2109 4.5 +B27 =W12 -B4 +W17 -B7 +W14 -B16 +W23 -B3
16 Jackson, L. Ross 1990 4.5 =B17 -W23 +W18 +B22 +B24 +W15 -W5 -B6
17 Roura, Federico 1751 4.5 =B5 =W16 =B21 -B15 -W11 =W22 =B27 +BYE +W26
18 Mulligan, Allan 1655 4.5 -W9 -B11 =W25 -B16 +BYE +W19 -B10 +W27 +B24
19 Gloistein, Bruce 1695 4.5 -W13 -B8 +W29 =B23 -W26 -B18 +BYE +W28 +B25
20 Hothersall, Rik 1956 4.0 +B28 -W5 +B22 -W3 -B14 =B23 =W24 +W21 -B11
21 Nijman, Arie 1991 4.0 +W22 -B6 =W17 -B12 -W23 +BYE =B25 -B20 +W29
22 Dellaca, Bruce 1610 4.0 -B21 +W23 -W20 =B25 -W16 =B17 +B29 -W11 +B28
23 Gold, Hamish 1866 3.5 -W6 -B22 +B16 =W19 +B21 =W20 =W9 -B15 -W10
24 Marko, Helmut 1983 CM 3.5 +B26 -W4 +B27 -W5 =B10 -W16 =B20 =W13 -W18
25 Cooper, Nigel 1692 3.5 -B7 -W10 =B18 =W22 +B29 +W27 =W21 -B9 -W19
26 Ryan, Tom 1200 3.5 -W24 -B14 +BYE -W10 +B19 -B9 =W28 +W29 -B17
27 Brockway, Andrew 1770 3.5 -W15 +B29 -W24 -B11 +W28 -B25 =W17 -B18 +BYE
28 Whittington, Seth 1000 2.5 -W20 +BYE -B8 -W14 -B27 +W29 =B26 -B19 -W22
29 Whittington, Finn 1100 1.0 -B12 -W27 -B19 +BYE -W25 -B28 -W22 -B26 -B21

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