Openings Rounds 3 And 4

Posted: 30/07/2014 by Ian in Club News

Cambridge_SpringsLast night we had the Cambridge Springs Defense, a variation of the Queen’s Gambit Declined that begins with the moves:

1. d4 d5 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. Bg5 Nbd7 5. Nf3 c6 6. e3 Qa5

Black breaks the pin on the h4–d8 diagonal and forms a pin of his own on the c3 knight (exploiting the absence of the White’s queen bishop from the queenside). If Black later plays dxc4, there may be threats against the g5-bishop. Graham now leads on 4 points, followed by Daniel and Richard Dare on 3, then Richard Jackson on 2.5. The crosstable has been updated. Matt has volunteered to bring along an opening for next week.


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