Nineteen for Super Blitz

Posted: 01/10/2014 by Ian in Club News

We had 19 for “Super Blitz” last night at time control 3 minutes, plus 2 seconds per move. Richard and Graham top scored on 6.5 each, while Eddie third (6) and Stefan fourth (5.5). The full crosstable is below. With such a big number of games there has been a bit of movement in club ratings (four members achieving new personal bests, including Dhusar and Craig) which have been updated. We will accumulate points across two nights; there is still a chance to polish up your super blitz score next week. Don’t be late as we have eight games to get through.

1 Richard Dare 6.5 +B17 +B9 +W5 +B3 =W4 -W2 +B8 +W7
2 Graham Nolan 6.5 +W15 -B4 =W8 +B12 +W5 +B1 +W9 +B3
3 Eddie Tan 6.0 +B18 +W6 +B11 -W1 +B10 +B9 +W4 -W2
4 Stefan Wagner 5.5 +B16 +W2 -B10 +W14 =B1 +W8 -B3 +W6
5 Fuatai Fuatai 5.0 +B8 +W13 -B1 -W6 -B2 +W12 +B15 +B9
6 Sivaram Manoharan 5.0 +W12 -B3 +W19 +B5 -W9 +W10 +B11 -B4
7 Matt Crombie 5.0 -W9 +W17 -B14 +B18 +W15 +W11 +B10 -B1
8 Richard Jackson 4.5 -W5 +BYE =B2 +W16 +B14 -B4 -W1 +W13
9 Daniel Davis 4.0 +B7 -W1 +B16 +W11 +B6 -W3 -B2 -W5
10 Craig Scott 4.0 +W19 -B11 +W4 +B13 -W3 -B6 -W7 +B16
11 Murray Tuatini 4.0 +B14 +W10 -W3 -B9 +W13 -B7 -W6 +W19
12 Ian Kennedy 4.0 -B6 +W18 -B13 -W2 +W17 -B5 +BYE +W15
13 Suriya Srinivasan 4.0 +BYE -B5 +W12 -W10 -B11 +B17 +W16 -B8
14 Dhusar Chatterjee 3.5 -W11 +B19 +W7 -B4 -W8 -B15 =B18 +BYE
15 Sean Clark 3.0 -B2 -W16 +B17 +W19 -B7 +W14 -W5 -B12
16 Joel Crombie 3.0 -W4 +B15 -W9 -B8 +W18 +BYE -B13 -W10
17 Elijah Dewit 3.0 -W1 -B7 -W15 +BYE -B12 -W13 +B19 +W18
18 Nithin Peruaml 2.5 -W3 -B12 +BYE -W7 -B16 +B19 =W14 -B17
19 Joel Kaumoana 1.0 -B10 -W14 -B6 -B15 +BYE -W18 -W17 -B11



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