Informal Blitz Results Now Posted

Posted: 08/03/2015 by Ian in Club News

The crosstables for the informal blitz tournaments held on the first two club nights of the year are below. Twenty players turned out on both nights. Eddie top scored in the first, while Eddie Richard and Stefan shared first place in the second. The games have now been incorporated into the club ratings, along with the just completed Autumn Blitz.

Informal 5 + 3 blitz February 3rd

1 Eddie Tan 4.5 +B16 +W6 =B5 +W4 +B11
2 Hilton Bennett 4.0 +B9 +W7 +B3 -B5 +W12
3 Hugo Berthier 4.0 +B10 +W13 -W2 +W11 +W5
4 Graham Nolan 4.0 +W12 +B11 +W14 -B1 +W13
5 Richard Dare 3.5 +W14 +B8 =W1 +W2 -B3
6 Richard Jackson 3.5 +W20 -B1 +W15 +B14 =W8
7 William Lynn 3.5 +W17 -B2 +W12 =B8 +W15
8 Daniel Davis 3.0 +B18 -W5 +B9 =W7 =B6
9 Murray Tuatini 2.5 -W2 +B17 -W8 =B10 +W20
10 Gary Judkins 2.5 -W3 -B15 +B16 =W9 +W17
11 Sivoram Manoharan 2.0 +B19 -W4 +B13 -B3 -W1
12 Joel Crombie 2.0 -B4 +W19 -B7 +W16 -B2
13 Stefan Wagner 2.0 +W15 -B3 -W11 +B17 -B4
14 Matt Crombie 2.0 -B5 +W18 -B4 -W6 +B19
15 Dhusar Chattergee 2.0 -B13 +W10 -B6 +W18 -B7
16 Jeff Xiang 1.5 -W1 +B20 -W10 -B12 =B18
17 Calib Wilson 1.0 -B7 -W9 +B19 -W13 -B10
18 Jarvis Xiang 1.0 -W8 -B14 =W20 -B15 =W16
19 Nithin Perumal 1.0 -W11 -B12 -W17 +B20 -W14
20 Philip Brand 0.5 -B6 -W16 =B18 -W19 -B9


Informal 5 + 3 blitz February 10th

1 Eddie Tan 5.0 +B11 +W9 +B5 +B2 +W4 -W3
2 Richard Dare 5.0 +B15 +W6 +B3 -W1 +B8 +W7
3 Stefan Wagner 5.0 +W12 +B8 -W2 +B10 +W9 +B1
4 Daniel Davis 4.5 +B13 =W7 +B6 +W5 -B1 +W8
5 Graham Nolan 4.0 +W16 +B10 -W1 -B4 +W12 +B9
6 Sivaram Manoharan 4.0 +W17 -B2 -W4 +B14 +W16 +B10
7 Craig Scott 3.5 +W20 =B4 -W10 +B15 +W11 -B2
8 Matt Crombie 3.0 +B18 -W3 +B11 +W13 -W2 -B4
9 Gary Judkins 3.0 +W14 -B1 +W16 +B12 -B3 -W5
10 Richard Jackson 3.0 +B19 -W5 +B7 -W3 +B13 -W6
11 Suriya Srinivasan 3.0 -W1 +B14 -W8 +B16 -B7 +W15
12 Dhusar Chatergee 2.5 -B3 +W18 +B15 -W9 -B5 =W13
13 Jarvis Xiang 2.5 -W4 +B20 +W17 -B8 -W10 =B12
14 Thys Joubert 2.5 -B9 -W11 +B18 -W6 =B20 +B17
15 Murray Tuatini 2.0 -W2 +B17 -W12 -W7 +B19 -B11
16 Joel Crombie 2.0 -B5 +W19 -B9 -W11 -B6 +W20
17 Calib Wilson 2.0 -B6 -W15 -B13 +W19 +B18 -W14
18 Philip Brand 2.0 -W8 -B12 -W14 +B20 -W17 +W19
19 Nithin Perumal 1.0 -W10 -B16 +W20 -B17 -W15 -B18
20 Naomi Russell 0.5 -B7 -W13 -B19 -W18 =W14 -B16



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