Jarvis Wins Four Games In a Row

Posted: 05/08/2015 by Ian in Club News

We didn’t quite have the numbers to make the round robin feasible last night so had an evening of 3 + 2 blitz instead. There was an adult and a junior section. Special mention goes to JARVIS who won his first four games and was outright leader at that point. Unfortunately he dropped his next two gaims but still ended up first equal with Adam and Jeff on 5 points. Jarvis has gained 58 club rating points in his last 15 games, which is more than any other club player, so his chess is really coming along. In the adult division Richard  Graham and Michael were first second and third respectively. Crossstables are below, and club ratings have been updated.


1 Adam Hasan-Stein 5.0 +W3 +B5 -W2 +B4 -B6 +W9 +BYE
2 Jarvis Xiang 5.0 +B8 +W4 +B1 +W7 -B5 -W3 +B6
3 Jeff Xiang 5.0 -B1 +W7 -B4 +W9 +BYE +B2 +W5
4 Sean Clark 4.5 +BYE -B2 +W3 -W1 +B7 +W5 =B8
5 Joel Crombie 4.0 +B9 -W1 +W6 +B8 +W2 -B4 -B3
6 Dhushar Chattergee 4.0 -B7 +W9 -B5 +BYE +W1 +B8 -W2
7 Jenny Xiang 3.0 +W6 -B3 +W8 -B2 -W4 +BYE -B9
8 Nithin Perumal 2.5 -W2 +BYE -B7 -W5 +B9 -W6 =W4
9 Diny Zhou 2.0 -W5 -B6 +BYE -B3 -W8 -B1 +W7


1 Richard Dare 6.0 =W5 +B9 +W2 +B4 =W3 +B7 +B8
2 Graham Nolan 5.0 +W9 -B4 -B1 +W10 +B7 +W6 +W3
3 Michael Serrate 4.5 +W10 +B8 -W4 +W6 =B1 +W5 -B2
4 Richard Jackson 4.0 +B6 +W2 +B3 -W1 -B5 +B10 -W7
5 Hilton Bennett 4.0 =B1 -W6 +B7 +W8 +W4 -B3 =W9
6 Ian Kennedy 4.0 -W4 +B5 +W8 -B3 +W9 -B2 +W10
7 Sivaram Manoharan 3.0 -W8 +B10 -W5 +B9 -W2 -W1 +B4
8 Matt Crombie 2.5 +B7 -W3 -B6 -B5 +W10 =B9 -W1
9 Reuben Sharko 2.0 -B2 -W1 +B10 -W7 -B6 =W8 =B5
10 Thys Joubert 0.0 -B3 -W7 -W9 -B2 -B8 -W4 -B6

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