Richard On Tie Break

Posted: 11/04/2018 by Ian in Club News

Richard once agian takes the title of Club Champ 2018, although it came down to the third tie break

1 Richard_Dare 5.5 +W10 +B17 +W12 =W2 +B4 +B3
2 Graham_Nolan 5.5 +B27 +W16 +W9 =B1 +W8 +B10
3 Milton_Severinsen 4.0 =BYE +W11 +B6 =W4 +B5 -W1
4 Prashant_Mistry 4.0 +W22 +B15 =W8 =B3 -W1 +B13
5 William_Lynn 4.0 -W16 +B14 +W22 +B15 -W3 +B8
6 Gary_Judkins 4.0 -W21 +B27 -W3 +B23 +W16 +B14
7 Kevin_Li 4.0 -W9 -B23 +W27 +B19 +W15 +B12
8 William_Crombie 3.5 +B25 +W21 =B4 +W13 -B2 -W5
9 Hilton_Bennett 3.5 +B7 +W13 -B2 =BYE +W18
10 Michael_Lin 3.5 -B1 +W25 +W26 =B12 +B17 -W2
11 Murray_Tuatini 3.5 =BYE -B3 -W14 +B25 +W20 +W17
12 Eushin_Kang 3.0 +B20 +W18 -B1 =W10 =B14 -W7
13 Christopher_Symon 3.0 +W23 -B9 +W19 -B8 +W21 -W4
14 Ruchira_Silva 3.0 =BYE -W5 +B11 +B22 =W12 -W6
15 Rowan_Lightfoot 3.0 +B26 -W4 +B21 -W5 -B7 +W24
16 Leo_Dizon 3.0 +B5 -B2 -W17 +W24 -B6 +B22
17 Lara_Heppenstall 2.5 +B24 -W1 +B16 =BYE -W10 -B11
18 Ian_Kennedy 2.5 +W19 -B12 +W23 =BYE -B9
19 Joel_Crombie 2.5 -B18 +W20 -B13 -W7 =B25 +W21
20 Daniel_Dizon 2.5 -W12 -B19 =W25 +B27 -B11 +W26
21 Ronja_Ripp 2.0 +B6 -B8 -W15 +W26 -B13 -B19
22 Alex_Treat 2.0 -B4 +W24 -B5 -W14 +B26 -W16
23 Nathanial_Loy 2.0 -B13 +W7 -B18 -W6 -B24 +W27
24 Andy_Song 2.0 -W17 -B22 +BYE -B16 +W23 -B15
25 Sean_Clark 2.0 -W8 -B10 =B20 -W11 =W19 +BYE
26 Lasen_Silva 1.0 -W15 +BYE -B10 -B21 -W22 -B20
27 Maureen_Murphy 1.0 -W2 -W6 -B7 -W20 +BYE -B23


The Tie breaks used were according to the NZCF  standard  1. Direct Encounter. 2. Cumulative (Sum of Progressive Scores). 3. Total Buchholz. 4. Sonneborn-Berger. 5. Buchholz Cut1, and Richard takes it on the third tie break as below


Pos Name DirE Cmlt BucT S-B Buc1
1 Richard_Dare 0.5 19.5 22.5 19.75 20.0
2 Graham_Nolan 0.5 19.5 20.0 17.25 19.5


For those that are interested The Buchholz system (also spelled Buchholtz) is a ranking system developed by Bruno Buchholz in 1932, for Swiss system tournaments. It was originally developed as an auxiliary scoring method, but is now used as a tie-breaking system. It was probably first used in the 1932 Bitterfeld tournament

The method is to give each player a raw score of one point for each win and a half point for each draw. When used as an alternate scoring system, each player’s Buchholz score is calculated by adding the raw scores of each of the opponents he played and multiplying this total by the player’s raw score. When used for tie-breaking among players with the same raw score, no multiplying is necessary and the sum of the raw scores of the opponents played is used to break ties.




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