The Dark Horse on TV One Tonight

Posted: 21/04/2018 by Ian in Club News

Darkhorse1This great movie is compulsory viewing for any kiwi with an interest in chess. It is available on TV One On Demand currently, or can be watched this evening on TV One. Upon its premiere as the Opening Night film of the New Zealand International Film Festival on 17 July 2014, The Dark Horse was declared by the RNZ National Review “One of the greatest New Zealand films ever made“.

The Dark Horse is an inspiring true story based on the life of a charismatic, brilliant but little-known New Zealand hero and chess champion – Genesis Potini. Once a heralded chess champion, Genesis has spent the last few years in and out of mental institutions, battling with severe bipolar disorder.  After being released from theDarkHorse2 psychiatric ward for one more chance at life, he moves in with Ariki, his gang-patched and distant brother, and Ariki’s soon-to-be-patched teenage son, Mana. Needing a purpose and a reason to get out of the gang house, Genesis joins a rough-as-guts local chess club, with the wild idea of coaching the motley crew of kids to the national chess championship.  On the way, Gen must face the responsibility that comes with being a leader, navigate conflict within the gang world and try to survive the potentially devastating strife that breaks out between him and his brother over his nephew’s future. Watch it — you wont be disappointed



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