Spring (2) To Richard

Posted: 07/11/2018 by Ian in Club News
1 Richard Dare 5.0 +B19 +W4 -B8 +W3 +B2 +W5
2 Prashant Mistry 5.0 +W13 +B9 +W15 +B8 -W1 +B4
3 Christopher Symon 4.5 =W12 +B14 +W9 -B1 +B6 +W8
4 Michael Lin 4.0 +W20 -B1 +W12 +B10 +W13 -W2
5 Rowan Lightfoot 4.0 +W10 -B15 +W21 +B14 +W8 -B1
6 Richard Jackson 3.5 =W14 -B12 +W20 +B7 -W3 +B13
7 Gary Judkins 3.5 +W23 -W8 =B13 -W6 +B19 +B9
8 William Lynn 3.0 +W21 +B7 +W1 -W2 -B5 -B3
9 Talmage Scirkovich 3.0 +B18 -W2 -B3 +W19 +B10 -W7
10 Hilton Bennett 3.0 -B5 +W16 +B19 -W4 -W9 +B17
11 Cam Sundararaj 3.0 +B20 +W18 +W12
12 Paul Dalley 2.5 =B3 +W6 -B4 -W13 +W14 -B11
13 Kevin Li 2.5 -B2 +W18 =W7 +B12 -B4 -W6
14 Graham Nolan 2.5 =B6 -W3 +B16 -W5 -B12 +W20
15 Max Stephens 2.0 +B16 +W5 -B2
16 Andy Song 2.0 -W15 -B10 -W14 +B22 -B17 +W19
17 Ian Kennedy 2.0 +B18 +W16 -W10
18 Daniel Loy 1.5 -W9 -B13 +B23 -W17 -B11 =W22
19 Nathanial Loy 1.0 -W1 +B20 -W10 -B9 -W7 -B16
20 Ricky Hall 1.0 -B4 -W19 -B6 -W11 +W22 -B14
21 Zane Brown 1.0 -B8 +W23 -B5
22 Justin Yan 0.5 -W16 -B20 =B18
23 Daniel Pipe 0.0 -B7 -B21 -W18

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