Covid-19: All club activities suspended for foreseeable future

Posted: 15/03/2020 by Ian in Club News

With regret your committee have decided it is time to suspend all club activities in light of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Subscriptions will be deferred until the club resumes – ie if you have 10 months subscription remaining currently, and the club is closed for 12 months, you will have 10 months subscription credit from the time of reopening

  1. Richard Dare says:

    So what school still on but chess club is not? That makes no sense to me there are more people who go to School than chess club if school is still on so should Chess club also one game per week for Club champs is crazy 6 weeks to finish one tournament? It should be two games per night 30+0 if a player cannot win a chess game in 30 minutes they should work on their time management skills hopefully Chess-club will not be cancelled for long otherwise that could really mess-up the chess tournaments for the remaining of the year.

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