Club Ladders For 25+5 and 5+0 Added

Posted: 22/08/2012 by Ian in Club News

As a new feature the club has added ladders for 25+5 and 5+0 chess — see the menu at the top right of this page. To improve your place on the ladder (and the associated bragging rights) you must challenge (and beat) someone with a higher rating than yourself. Inform Ian of your win and  the ladder will be updated. The rules for the ladder competition may evolve (I am open to suggestions), but at this point there are only two (in addition to the usual rules of chess, of course):

1. No re-match on a particular night: 1 game, 1 result only to count.         2. If your subscription remains unpaid for more than a few weeks you will slide to the bottom of the ladder.

Currently Colin Barrett Hogg occupies the top spot on both ladders, and given his relative rarity at the club of late, he might stay there for some time !!


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