Sixteen Last Night

Posted: 19/03/2013 by Ian in Club News

We had sixteen for the 5 + 3 last night. Peter once again proving too tough for the rest of us. He now holds the record for the all time highest club rating of 1947. Ian picked up around 270 rating points from a couple of good wins.  The crosstable is below and club ratings have been updated.

1 Peter Hulshof 6.0 +B7 +W8 +B2 +W6 +B5 +B4
2 Graham 4.5 +W12 +B14 -W1 =B3 +B13 +W6
3 Christopher 4.5 +B11 +W4 -B6 =W2 +B7 +W9
4 Richard 4.0 +W13 -B3 +B15 +W7 +B6 -W1
5 Stefan 4.0 +W10 -B6 +B8 +W13 -W1 +B11
6 Ian 3.0 +B15 +W5 +W3 -B1 -W4 -B2
7 Clayton 3.0 -W1 +B9 +W14 -B4 -W3 +B16
8 Daniel Davis 3.0 +W9 -B1 -W5 +B14 =W11 =B12
9 Sam 3.0 -B8 -W7 +W16 +B15 +W14 -B3
10 Daniel Ng 3.0 -B5 -W12 -B11 +W16 +W15 +B13
11 Murray 2.5 -W3 -B13 +W10 +B12 =B8 -W5
12 Siviran 2.5 -B2 +B10 -W13 -W11 +B16 =W8
13 Craig 2.0 -B4 +W11 +B12 -B5 -W2 -W10
14 Samuel Eddy 2.0 +W16 -W2 -B7 -W8 -B9 +W15
15 Adam 1.0 -W6 +B16 -W4 -W9 -B10 -B14
16 Darius 0.0 -B14 -W15 -B9 -B10 -W12 -W7

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