The Aims Of Play

Posted: 16/03/2013 by Ian in Club News

Never_Give_UpChess etiquette dictates that one should resign when you KNOW you are lost, but failing that the aims of play can be summarized as—
1 To mate the opposing king;
2 To build up a decisive concentration of pieces on the approaches to the king;
3 To gain an advantage in material that, in time, can be converted into a mating force;
4 To make your pieces work effectively as units and harmoniously as a team;
5 To render the opponent’s pieces ineffective;
6 To frustrate the opponent’s plans;
7 To draw, if to win is out of the question;
8 Not to lose;
9 If losing, to create chances for the opponent to go wrong;
10 To fight like hell to achieve these objectives;
11 To remain courteous to your opponent.


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