Improved Club Ratings And Statistics

Posted: 12/05/2013 by Ian in Club News

graphChanges to member ratings now reflect the number of games previously played. If a player has played 30 or fewer games the number of rating points at stake for that individual  in that particular game (referred to as the K-factor in the ELO system) will be 32. In theory, after a sufficient number of games have been played, ratings should become more stable and to reflect this the rating points at stake (ie the K-factor) will be reduced to 16 after an individual has played more than 30 games. A full explanation is here. Ratings have been reworked for all rated tournaments since 1/1/13 to reflect the modification. Members can now also review their own individual crosstable against other club members for all rated games here. The permanent link to this page is “Individual Member Crosstables” under Club Ratings, top right.


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