Blitz Night Tuesday

Posted: 04/09/2013 by Ian in Club News

A 3+2 blitz night on Tuesday. In the absence of most of the clubs strongest players it was left to Gary and Richard to take out the honours for the evening. Both scoring a credible 6/7. A pleasing aspect of the night was the number of younger players who took part. A special mention goes to newcomer Sean 2.5/7 and returning member Maxim 3/7. The crosstable is below, and player ratings and statistics have been updated. We will have another blitz next week, and then maybe a themed tournament starting the following week.

1 Gary  Judkins 6.0 +B3 +W5 +W6 -B2 +W8 +B4 +W10
2 Richard  Jackson 6.0 +B4 +W12 +B5 +W1 -B3 +W9 +W7
3 Sivaram  Manoharan 5.0 -W1 +B11 +W7 +B6 +W2 +B5 -W4
4 Christopher  Symon 4.5 -W2 =B7 +B12 +W10 +B9 -W1 +B3
5 Murray  Tuatini 4.0 +W7 -B1 -W2 +W12 +B6 -W3 +B9
6 Daniel  Davis 4.0 +B9 +W8 -B1 -W3 -W5 +B12 +B11
7 Brandon  Cuellar 3.0 -B5 =W4 -B3 +W11 =B10 +W8 -B2
8 Maxim Stephens 3.0 +B11 -B6 +W10 -W9 -B1 -B7 +W12
9 Samuel  Eddy 2.5 -W6 =B10 +W11 +B8 -W4 -B2 -W5
10 Sean 2.5 =B12 =W9 -B8 -B4 =W7 +W11 -B1
11 Adam  Hasan-Stein 1.0 -W8 -W3 -B9 -B7 +W12 -B10 -W6
12 Darius  Hasan-Stein 0.5 =W10 -B2 -W4 -B5 -B11 -W6 -B8

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